Mommy is no where ready for Christmas!  She is so behind this year that it isn’t even funny:(  How about you guys?  Are your pawrents ready for Christmas? 

Mommy is behind for several reasons.  The one big reason that she is so far behind is that she had surgery two days before Thanksgiving and that really slowed her down!  She found out the week before Thanksgiving that she needed to have the surgery…mommy wasn’t too happy:(

The next reason mommy is so behind is that she is going back to work full time starting January 5th.  She has had to do all kinds of stuff to get ready to go back to work.  She is going to be teaching at her old school and she even gets to move back into her old room!  Mommy is excited, but she is just a little worried about going in and taking over somebody else’s classes in the middle of the semester.  She will be teaching PreAP PreCalc and Calculus.  She taught PreAP PreCalc forever but has never taught Calculus, so that will be new for her.  She keeps telling us that she is going to be really busy and doesn’t know how much blogging we will get to do:( 

We sure hope mommy will be able to find the time to let us blog!  We will miss all our blogging friends.  Mommy says she will try her hardest to keep up with it.  I guess we will just have to wait to see what happens.

Since mommy has been so busy, hu sis and hu dad put up the Christmas tree.  For some reason, they thought it would be funny to dress me up in a wreath.  What were they thinking?  Silly humans anyway!

Dog with Christmas Wreath

I don’t look too impressed, do I?  What can I say….I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go!

Happy WW Wednesday!

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