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Mommy and hu sis worked all last week getting stuff together for a garage sale.  Mommy says she doesn’t know if it was worth it because they worked really hard.  They found all kinds of stuff that mommy had boxed up through the years and put in the attic.  Mommy said it was kind of fun going through things, but it was still hard work.

Diesel had to be right in the middle of everything and hu sis thought it would be funny to put hu bro’s underwear on the little guy.  Mommy had underwear from when hu bro was a little boy that had never been worn.  We got a good laugh at Diesel but we don’t think Diesel thought it was too funny!


Dog Dressed Up

Yeah…just go ahead and laugh! I don’t know what you think is so funny!

Dog Dressed Up

Just look at my cute butt!


Even though Diesel didn’t really like wearing hu bro’s underwear at first, we think he got to where he was kind of enjoying it! Well, I mean…just look at him strutting his stuff in the second picture!

Hu sis dressed Diesel up in cat ears also, but we’ll post those pictures another day!  Diesel is getting used to being dressed up and is turning into quite the “ham”!  We really like it when he comes to visit but hu bro got home last night and we had to give him back.  We sure do miss him!

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