Diesel here…

I don’t know why the humans like to dress me up…they say it’s cause I’m cute or something like that!  So, in the past couple of weeks I have been a  Bat Dog, Cat Dog, Swimming Dog, Water Surfing Dog and now I’m a Camo Dog!  Really?  Don’t they have anything better to do?

I spent the weekend at the lake with my hu daddy and now we are back home.  Well, kind of.  I’m back at grandmommy’s house and hu daddy is on his way to Colorado to work.  I can sure tell that grammy and grandaddy missed me!  They were so glad to see me!  But I think Ash missed me most of all!  She didn’t have anybody to play with but now I’m back to keep her company!

Dog Dressed Up Camo Style
We have two very cool giveaways going on over here at Dogs N Pawz!  Have you checked them out yet?  One is a Swamp Cooler Vest and the other is a Kibble Kaddie.  Grandmommy had told everyone that we were having a Zuke’s Treats giveaway today, but she was a bad grandmommy and didn’t get it written up.  She says we have to wait until tomorrow so she can get some cute pictures of me with the Zuke’s treats.  I am so sorry that grandmommy messed up!  Check back tomorrow for our Zuke’s giveaway.   We know you will want to win those for sure!

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