Should Your Dog Wear A Life Jacket When Going For A Swim?

There was a day when I might have said no to that question because Ash gets in the pool and swims around with no problem at all.  Shiloh and Summer were like that too!  Scout and Teddy stay away from the water and won’t get in for anything.  So, after watching my dogs around the pool, I probably wouldn’t have thought a life jacket was necessary.  Enter Diesel…

Are Dog Life Jackets Necessary?

Diesel went to the lake not too long ago with my son.  They were out on the boat and everything was going great until Diesel stepped off the boat into the water.  He went under and everyone panicked.  This was in the Spring and it was still cold outside, but the guys were getting ready to go in after Diesel when his head popped up out of the water.  His little legs were trying to paddle to safety when one of the guys pulled him back onto the boat.  Being the mom, I would say that it wasn’t smart having him out on the boat without a life jacket

They didn’t get any pictures of this unfortunate accident, but I did take some pictures of Ash swimming in the pool yesterday and Diesel trying to figure out what she was doing.  I’m sure Diesel was thinking about the lake incident and under no circumstances was he getting into the pool!  Who could blame him?  I’m sure he was scared senseless when he fell into the lake.



Dog Lifejackets

Ash loves her daily swims!

Life Jackets For Dogs

Why are you in the pool, Ash?

Dog Life Jackets

Ash…you’re all wet!

Dog Life Jacket

You’re getting me wet! Stop that!

Dog Life Vest

You can still be my friend even though you got me all wet!

If you are taking your dog to the lake this summer and they have never been before, I would suggest a dog life vest! Our dogs are just like our kids and it would be terrible if something happened to one of them because we weren’t being careful and looking our for them!

By the way, have you seen the video of Ash water surfing?  If you haven’t, you need to click here to watch.  It’s awesome!!!

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