Spoiled Dog
It was late last night when hu sis took this picture of me and mommy.  It was really dark in the house because mommy was watching television and me…well, I was trying to sleep!  Mommy doesn’t look too happy does she?  Do you think it has something to do with me laying on top of her and she doesn’t have anywhere to put her leg so she has it resting up there on the couch.  It’s kind of hard to see, but if you look closely you will see her leg up there!  It was around midnight when hu sis took the picture so I just thinks mommy was tired and didn’t like having the camera in her face.  Note to mommy:  We don’t like having the camera in our face either! Mommy might not have liked the camera in her face but I was loving some one-on-one time with my mommy!  See how I have my legs wrapped around mommy’s leg?  I’d say it was some very special one-on-one time!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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