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Mommy went to visit Diesel yesterday to see how he was doing!  We want you to tell us how you think he is doing after you look at his picture!  We think he is missing the three of us.  Just look at those eyes!

Okay, so I have to admit, Diesel always has sad eyes and a pouty mouth.  That’s just the way he looks.  But mommy took this very special picture because he looked really sad and she’s using it to say he misses us!  He probably doesn’t really miss us, but we would like to think he does!  He’s pretty spoiled by our hu bro and we know he has a good home.  It’s just not with us 🙁  He gets to do pretty much whatever he wants at hu bro’s house and we know hu bro loves him, so we guess all is good!  We just want him to come and visit!  It’s more fun at our house when he is here!

So what do you think?  Is he missing us or not?

Sad Dog

We have some great news here at the blog!  Mommy just found out that Clove, a longtime resident of the Edmond Animal Shelter, was adopted last night!  Yay for Clove!  She had been there for 14 long months.  That is way too long for any dog to be at the shelter.  We hope Clove has found her fur-ever home and will be much loved.  Paws crossed that it works out for Clove.  Please send good thoughts Clove’s way so that her new family will love her and keep her!


Adopt this Dog!

This is Clove. Isn’t she beautiful! We are so happy for her!

Mommy wanted me to ask all of you a favor!  She has been working on a new website and was hoping you would give her some facebook likes and check out her new site.  If you ever talk about drinking a cup of coffee while you are writing, she would really appreciate a shoutout!  She’s trying to get this site up and going and can use all of your help!  Yep…she is begging!  Her new site is called The Daily Coffee Bean.  It is still a work in progress but she’s getting there!  It’s a review site about different coffee makers.  She would be thrilled if you would check it out!

Our friend Mika from over at Love Is Being Owned By A Husky is in a photo contest and needs your votes!  You can go here to vote.  Good Luck Mika!

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