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Diesel has been spending lots of time with his hu daddy at the lake. He has gone from a frightened little puppy to an almost grown up dog that isn’t afraid of much of anything. He explores, gets into things he shouldn’t, picks arguments with Ash, and lets everyone know that he is King!

He is pretty spoiled and his hu daddy says it’s mommy’s fault! Even though he is with his hu daddy more than he is with our mommy, it’s still her fault.  Yep, not a surprise that he would blame it on her!

We have watched Diesel grow into the cutest, little boy.  He has kept us other dogs busy and entertained.  Oh, and did I mention how demanding he is?  I think Ash likes him the most because they play together all the time. 

Us three dogs are a little jealous because he gets to go to the lake and we don’t.  You see, our hu bro doesn’t take us like he takes Diesel.  Diesel gets to hang out at the lake all weekend and have loads of fun.  He gets to water surf, chase sticks, dig in the sand, and play in the water.  What a life he has!  This is a picture of Diesel and his hu daddy who is our hu bro!  Diesel looks like he is a little tired!  Serves him right for getting to have all the fun!

One Tired Pup!


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