Last week our daddy was at the Oklahoma Tornado Summit and there were all kinds of booths set up for different kinds of

Cooper My Therapy Dog

Cooper The Therapy Dog—Marvin Kuo (

companies.  He was walking around and happened upon the TDI booth.  If you don’t know what TDI stands for, it stands for Therapy Dogs International.  Daddy was quite intrigued with their booth and offered my services to write a post about them!  Sounds like daddy, huh!  Gives me all the work to do!

I told mommy that we should write about TDI cause they are a great organization.  I mean, what a great thing…to be a Therapy Dog!  Mommy says she thinks I would have made a great Therapy Dog if I didn’t leave pee mail everywhere!  Mommy just has to understand that leaving pee mail is a very important thing to me and I just have to do it!  Back to what I was suppose to be talking about…Therapy Dogs International is a group of volunteers that provide visitations for qualified handlers and their Therapy Dogs.  The volunteers set up visitations to institutions, facilities and any other place where Therapy Dogs are needed.  TDI dogs and handlers provide comfort and companionship with patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions and wherever else Therapy Dogs are needed.  Therapy Dogs help to increase the emotional well-being of patients, promote healing and improve the quality of life for the people being visited and the staff that cares for these people.

TDI is represented by all kinds of dogs.  Some of them are pure breds and some are mixed breeds, some are big, some are small, and some of them have been adopted from shelters and rescues. They each have their own personality and they are each ready to make friends and share love and companionship.

Therapy Dogs make a difference in the quality of life among the people they visit in the care facilities.  These Therapy Dogs provide real therapy for the people they visit.  They are great listeners and they provide unconditional love along with happiness and friendship.

Our buddy Snoopy over at Snoopy’s Dogblog is a Therapy Dog.  We think he makes a great Therapy Dog!  He makes people smile and brings happiness to so many people!  Snoopy is so cool!  Anyway, if you would like to check out more information about Therapy Dogs International you can visit their website at or you can write to:

Therapy Dogs International
88 Bartley Road
Flanders, NJ  07836

You can also email them at

They are a non-profit organization and donations or bequests are always welcome!



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