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Have you heard of zeutering?    I told mommy she should look into it for me, because quite honestly, I get a little tired of these big ‘ole things hanging down while I walk!  Yep, I know I look rather manly with them but they are kind of uncomfortable.  Oh, but mommy says zeutering doesn’t get rid of the testicles, it just means that I wouldn’t be able to make puppies anymore.  I guess zeutering won’t help me with my problem, but it might help other male dogs.

If you don’t know what zeutering is, it’s neutering with a chemical called Neutersol.  Neutersol is an FDA-approved sterilant that is injectable.  It is used in male dogs that are 3 to 10 months of age.  Guess it’s not for me:(  Bummer, I’m too old.  Figures!

Neutersol is suppose to be safe and effective and your dog doesn’t have to have his testicals removed.  It doesn’t take as long to inject the Neutersol as it does to neuter a dog and it is 99.6% effective. 

Neutering Your Dog

I was hoping this would work for me. Take a look below and you’ll see why!

The Neutersol is injected into each testicle.  Sedatives are usually recommended for dogs that are likely to struggle and the puppies get to keep their testes. 

Vomiting, loss of appetite, and lethargy are the most common reactions to the Neutersol.  But, using Neutersol costs less than the traditional castration because anesthesia and surgery are not required, it’s quick, less painful and recovery time can also be much shorter.  And I’ll say it one more time…puppies get to keep their manly parts!

Zeuter instead of Neuter

Sorry for this picture! Mommy made me do it! I get really tired of them hanging down all the time. Oh well!

What do you think about this procedure?  Is this something you would consider doing instead of neutering your puppy?

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