10 Ways to Start Training Your Puppy from Day 1

Training dogs to know that you’re their boss is essential to their well being. If a dog doesn’t know that you’re their leader, they’ll be confused and unhappy most of their lives. For example, the members of a pack never leave the pack leader. Only the pack leader can leave the pack. If you lead your dog to believe that he is the pack leader, he’ll get anxiety every time you leave the house without him! To combat this, you should start training your puppy from day 1. Here are 10 ways you can start:

Your Puppy’s Name

Think carefully of your puppy’s name and use it in training situations. The idea is to make your puppy associate their name with happy things, like they do when they hear the word ‘dinner’, for example. Short names where you can put emphasis on the end are best, like ‘Jack’.


House-training is difficult but the sooner you get it over with the sooner you can enjoy a mess free house. Puppies respond to many different methods, but I find the best method is to tell them ‘no’ when they mess on the floor, and then put them outside. They’ll soon associate the toilet with going outside. Never punish them for having an accident either!

Biting is Not OK

All puppies will try to bite you in a playful way. Even though this doesn’t hurt, you should discourage it. Stop playing with them when they do it, and sound disappointed. Remember, shouting isn’t the answer. You want to simply seem dominant. You can then continue playing after a few seconds but stop if he does it again.

How to Socialize

Being social is very important for a dog, whether that’s with a jogger or another dog. All kinds of situations should be introduced to your dog early on, so that they’re calm in the future.

Chewing is Only Allowed On Toys

Dogs need chew toys, so make sure they have plenty of them. This helps relieve stress and gives them something to do when they’re bored. It’ll save your furniture too!

Doing What You Say

In order for your dog to do what you say, they need to know that you are the pack leader. For this, you need to make sure your dog knows you come first. One way to do this, is to feed yourself before giving your dog their head start puppy food. They’ll soon realize you are the boss.

Don’t Greet So Excitedly

If you greet your puppy excitedly every time you come home, they may get severe separation anxiety when you leave. Be calm when you greet them, and wait until they’ve calmed down before giving them too much fuss and attention.

Walking on a Lead

You’ll be glad you did this later on down the line! Train your dog to walk next to you at all times. They should be following you, not dragging you to their destination. When you stop, they should stop.


Keep your commands short and strong and your puppy will sit on command. Eventually, you may be able to walk away, come back, and they will still be sat waiting for you.

End Positively

Always end any kind of training session on a positive note with a small treat and affirmations.

Your dog will grow to be happy and obedient if you start now!