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How do I help my overweight dog lose weight?


Maybe your dog is a little chunky. It wouldn’t be unusual. In 2018, the New York Times ran an article by Susan Janks titled, simply, “Our Fat Pets.”  Emphasis on our.  “In 2018, an estimated … 56% of dogs in the United States were overweight or obese,” according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP),

How do I help my overweight dog lose weight?2020-09-30T21:35:47-07:00

Is canned food good for my dog?


Trying to determine the best food for your dog can be stressful for doggie parents. Canned food (also known as wet food), kibble, gently air dried, raw, dehydrated, semi moist — so many choices. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Any type of dog food can be good for a dog as long as it

Is canned food good for my dog?2021-01-10T12:26:26-08:00

How do I get my puppy to put on weight?


Puppies, even puppies from the same litter, grow at different rates. This is particularly true when you start looking at different breeds. Small breed puppies reach their full size long before large breed puppies do. New puppy owners have a lot to think about: is my puppy eating the right food? Is my puppy growing at

How do I get my puppy to put on weight?2020-09-24T13:31:16-07:00

Does my dog need to eat carbohydrates?


It’s widely acknowledged that dogs are meat-eaters, but unlike cats, they can and do eat plants. “Dogs are scavenging, or facultative carnivores, which in general terms means they are preliminary meat-eaters but can survive on plant material alone if necessary,” writes vet Karen Becker on Healthy Pets. “The key word here is ‘survive.’ To survive is

Does my dog need to eat carbohydrates?2020-09-23T14:42:04-07:00

Benefits and drawbacks of wet (canned) dog food


What’s a dog to eat? They’d probably answer “everything!” After all, dogs seem to enjoy eating grass, crumbs off the floor, pine cones — they’re not particular. But you, responsible human, have probably decided to go a better route. If you’re considering canned (wet) food as the primary food for your dog, there’s some great positives,

Benefits and drawbacks of wet (canned) dog food2020-10-26T15:37:48-07:00

The Best Grain-Free Foods For Your Dog


What does “grain-free” mean? Grain-free food typically means the dog food doesn’t contain products including glutenous ingredients like wheat, spelt, rye, triticale barley, and non-gluten products like oats, corn, or rice. More broadly, grain-free could also mean raw food without any fillers, or air-dried raw food that doesn’t contain grains. On store shelves, most products being

The Best Grain-Free Foods For Your Dog2020-10-26T16:48:07-07:00

Understanding moisture content in wet (canned) dog food


Dog food labeling can be confusing, misleading, covered in marketing claims, and full of acronyms and mysterious ingredients. There are eight pieces of information that are required, by law, on pet food packaging in the United States. They are: Brand and product name Species the food is made for Quantity Statement (net

Understanding moisture content in wet (canned) dog food2020-10-26T17:02:22-07:00

What types of treats should I give my puppy?


Puppies mean training. → Training means treats! Rewarding your pup for listening to you, learning a new trick, or let’s face it — just being cute, is a good way to reinforce those wanted behaviors. Most dogs are highly food motivated and puppies are just learning about all the tasty food in the world. Dog treats

What types of treats should I give my puppy?2020-10-26T17:10:44-07:00

How long does canned dog food last?


Canned dog food — a long time canine favorite. It’s hard to imagine a dog that will turn its back on a bowl of canned food, which is typically strong smelling and resembles meat, unlike kibble and dehydrated dog foods. Canned dog food (also referred to as wet food) was introduced to the market in 1922

How long does canned dog food last?2020-10-26T17:14:58-07:00
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