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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


Maybe your dog thinks your neighbour’s overgrown lawn is an all you can eat salad bar. Or maybe your dog flops into a patch of dark green shoots and proceeds to devour them like a starving goat. The short of it is, most dogs will nibble on grass from time to time. Dogs eat grass for

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How Often Should I Feed My Dog?


How Often Should I Feed My Dog? If it was up to dogs, they’d get to eat all the time — or at least at their leisure. Sure, some dogs are less food driven. Their owners can leave a bowl of kibble on the floor all day and the dog will eat only when hungry. Other

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How Long Should I Feed My Dog Puppy Food?


At what age does my dog no longer need puppy food? Puppies are adorable. Sure, they eventually hit those awkward, lanky teenage years, but they somehow retain their over-the-top cute puppy-ness. Some adult dogs retain their puppy playfulness for years. Fortunately, they don’t maintain their puppy nutrition requirements. Puppies need a puppy specific diet that is

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How do you know if your dog should eat grain free dog food?


Does my dog need grain-free food? Grain-free dog food suffered a fall from grace in 2018 when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration released a report stating that it was looking into a possible link between grain-free dog foods and an increase in canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a potentially deadly heart disease. Sales dropped, and

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What ingredients shouldn’t be in dog food?


Avoid these dog food ingredients Pet owners enjoy a wide range of product choices when it comes to dog food. Raw, dehydrated, air-dried, freeze-dried, kibble, canned — there’s something for everyone, and for every budget. Pet owners can go organic, or natural, or all meat, or grain-free, or with grain. It’s just a matter of

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How is Kibble Made?


Kibble — champion of the dog food aisle People may remember the 1980s commercials of dogs frantically running home singing “Kibbles ‘n Bits, I’m gonna get me some Kibbles ‘n Bits.” There’s even one of a dachshund chanting “I long for my kibbles.” The television ads promoted a specific brand: the aforementioned Kibbles n’ Bits and later

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How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog?


Feeding your Dog - How Much is Enough? If you’re a first-time dog owner or concerned about your dog’s weight, you’re probably wondering how much and how often you should be feeding your little best friend. There really isn’t a one size fits all approach, but this guide will help you consider the key factors

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Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?


What makes chocolate so dangerous for dogs? Chocolate — it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like it. But this is one of the most toxic foods your dog can eat. Nearly every pet owner has a horror story about their dog hoovering a chocolate bunny at Easter, or getting into a chocolate cake during

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What Fruit is Bad for Dogs?


Fruit — Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat? Your furry friend may adore chomping a bite out of your ice cream cone or sharing your watermelon slice, but not all fruit is a healthy choice for dogs, even if they’re perfectly safe for humans. Dogs are carnivores. Fruit isn’t necessary for a healthy pet.

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What Can Dogs Not Eat?


Never Feed Your Dogs These Human Foods Dogs don’t need human food to survive. Our domesticated dogs are fundamentally carnivores, although they do enjoy plant based food, as anyone with a dog that devours grass can attest. There are thousands of Instagram videos of dogs enjoying bananas, broccoli or spaghetti noodles, and just as many

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