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What is “Guaranteed Analysis” on Dog Food Labels


What is a Guaranteed Analysis on the Dog Food Label? Guaranteed Analysis — dog food packaging is required to have this designation and print it on packaging before dog food makes its way to stores, but what does it actually mean? The Guaranteed Analysis (GA) relates to the nutrient profile you find on your

What is “Guaranteed Analysis” on Dog Food Labels2021-01-10T12:39:51-08:00

By-Products in the Dog Food Industry – What to Look For


By-Products in Pet Food - What Should Owners be Worried About? The pet food industry has often come under fire for using by-products in dog food. But what is a by-product? And what does it mean if your dog food contains them? — Is your dog eating udders? Chicken feet? Something else that's unappealing

By-Products in the Dog Food Industry – What to Look For2021-01-10T12:54:24-08:00

The History of Dry Dog Food


The History of Commercial Dog Food in America Dogs and humans have been living side by side for centuries. In modern life, they’re part of our families — loved and necessary companions. As our relationships with our dogs has changed, what we feed our dogs has too. From foraged food to kibble, what humans

The History of Dry Dog Food2020-10-26T18:37:48-07:00

How to Read Dog Food Packaging (Legal)


What Information Should Pet Owners Find on Dog Food Packaging? Dog food packaging, like human food packaging, can be confusing, unclear, and fraught with unfamiliar terms and designations.  It sometimes feels like you need to be a food scientist to understand what’s going on, even though pet food labelling is regulated. There are

How to Read Dog Food Packaging (Legal)2020-10-26T18:44:54-07:00

How to Read Dog Food Package Labelling Claims


Aside from the legal requirements for labelling on dog food packaging, there are often other confusing or unclear terms on your favourite dog food. Pet food labelling is regulated at the federal and state level. The FDA reviews some of those ambiguous claims on packaging, like “maintains urinary tract health” or “hairball control”. The Association of

How to Read Dog Food Package Labelling Claims2020-10-27T11:35:31-07:00

Common Grain-Free Dog Food Myths


Should My Dog Eat Grain-Free Dog Food, Or Is It Unhealthy? Grain-free dog food exploded onto the pet food market around ten years ago, as pet owners grew concerned about corn and wheat allergies, dog obesity, and genetically modified ingredients.  Grain-free dog food, despite a higher price point, quickly took off. Instead of carbs

Common Grain-Free Dog Food Myths2020-10-27T11:42:47-07:00

How Do You Know if Your Dog Should Eat Grain Free Dog Food?


Does my dog need grain-free food? Grain-free dog food suffered a fall from grace in 2018 when the U.S. Food & Drug Administration released a report stating that it was looking into a possible link between grain-free dog foods and an increase in canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a potentially deadly heart disease. Sales dropped,

How Do You Know if Your Dog Should Eat Grain Free Dog Food?2020-10-27T11:51:10-07:00

What Ingredients Shouldn’t be in Dog Food?


Avoid these dog food ingredients Pet owners enjoy a wide range of product choices when it comes to dog food. Raw, dehydrated, air-dried, freeze-dried, kibble, canned — there’s something for everyone, and for every budget. Pet owners can go organic, or natural, or all meat, or grain-free, or with grain. It’s just a matter

What Ingredients Shouldn’t be in Dog Food?2021-01-10T12:57:41-08:00

How is Kibble Made?


Kibble — champion of the dog food aisle People may remember the 1980s commercials of dogs frantically running home singing “Kibbles ‘n Bits, I’m gonna get me some Kibbles ‘n Bits.” There’s even one of a dachshund chanting “I long for my kibbles.” The television ads promoted a specific brand: the aforementioned Kibbles n’ Bits and later

How is Kibble Made?2020-10-27T12:17:10-07:00
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