Why does my puppy keep eating grass and dirt?


Puppies eat and chew whatever they can get their mouths on. They’re not particularly discerning — or maybe they are, and that’s why they go for your expensive designer shoes instead of the dirty, old runners you wear while mowing the lawn. Puppies explore the world with their mouths (and noses). That’s often why they’ll scoop up

Why does my puppy keep eating grass and dirt?2020-09-24T13:31:16-07:00

Why is my puppy refusing to eat?


Puppies normally have healthy and robust appetites. They explore the world with their nose, ears, and sometimes, much to a new pet owner’s chagrin, their mouths. Puppies like to taste the grossest things imaginable — slugs, dirt, poop, garbage. It can be a shock when a normally ravenous puppy refuses to eat the meal you thoughtfully prepared

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Why is my Old Dog Eating Dirt


My Senior Dog Keeps Eating Dirt. What Should I Do? Dogs sometimes eat things we’d rather they didn’t. Poop, for example. Other dogs develop pica, an eating disorder that causes people, and sometimes animals, to eat things not normally considered food, like coins or small toys or grass.  Senior dogs are more prone

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How Do I Get My Old Dog to Eat?


My Senior Dog Doesn’t Want Food — How Can I Encourage it to Eat at Mealtime? Senior and geriatric dogs require a lot of care and attention as their needs change due to medical conditions and aging.  While some dog experts claim it’s semantics when it comes to categorizing a senior dog versus

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Why Is My Senior Dog Eating Poop?


My Senior Dog is Eating Poop — Why? What Should I do? Poop happens. Sometimes dogs do their business —  then they eat their business. Or the cat’s business. Or. Well. You get the idea. Dogs of any age may start eating poop (and not just their own), which is a condition called

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


Maybe your dog thinks your neighbour’s overgrown lawn is an all you can eat salad bar. Or maybe your dog flops into a patch of dark green shoots and proceeds to devour them like a starving goat. The short of it is, most dogs will nibble on grass from time to time. Dogs eat grass for

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Why Is My Dog Shaking?


That vibration under your chair might not be an earthquake. It might be your dog, hiding and shaking. Environmental and health stressors can cause your dog to tremble uncontrollably. Excitement, illness and even the temperature of your home may cause your dog to shake. Some of the reasons for shaking are easier to address than others.

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Why Do Dogs Lick You?


What does it mean when your dog licks you? Some dog owners love nothing more than a faceful of wet, doggie kisses. Others, not so much. Doggie breath isn’t always welcome.  Dogs learn licking from their mothers. This is how mothers get newborn pups to breathe after birth, and how mama cleans them. For

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