Feeding Your Puppy the Right Food for Its Development

Feeding Your Puppy the Right Food for Its Development

Puppies are cute; there’s simply no doubt about it. But if this is your very first puppy and you don’t have a lot of experience with dogs, what should you feed them to ensure proper development?

There are just so many brands of dog and puppy food on the supermarket shelves that it can often be hard to pick out one that is going to be right for your precious pooch. Of course, you want only the best because you love your puppy! It’s only natural.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Cute Puppy

Some dog owners simply give their pets whatever is left over from their dinner plates. Whilst dogs always love eating whatever is left due to their scavenging natures, the food that we eat is not necessarily the healthiest food for dogs. When we’re talking about puppies that need to grow and develop, it’s perhaps even less so.

There’s a difference between puppy food and regular adult dog food. Some people interchange them, but puppy food is specially formulated to be nutritionally balanced for the needs of puppies. Young dogs can grow at an alarming speed, and they require the right mix of nutrition for the bones, joints, immune system and muscles. Whilst they will always eat adult dog food, it is not formulated to contain the same amounts of special nutrients and minerals that they need every day in order to be at their best and remain as healthy as possible.

Feeding Your Growing Puppy the Right Way

Growing puppies require a lot of caloric intake to ensure optimal development and growth in all the right areas. Puppy owners will often ask about how long they should feed their puppy on food that is specifically formulated for them. In most cases, puppy food should be given to dogs until they are around one year of age. After this, giving them a balanced mix of food that includes plenty of adult-formulated dry kibble is ideal.

Some new dog owners become confused about the types of food on the shelves. This is perfectly understandable as it seems that there are so many brands. But what is the best puppy food for a new owner with the best intentions in the world?

There are roughly three types of food available to buy: dry kibble, moist and semi-moist. Dry kibble is actually the best type of food to feed your puppy, because it tends to contain more nutrients, like calcium, and less water. It also provides the added benefit of maintaining the strength and cleanliness of your dog’s teeth. To mix things up a little for your new pup, you can mix the dry kibble with some moist dog food. This will provide them some water and food variety. Some owners will even mix in a little warm gravy with the kibble in order to soften it up a little. This is fine to do once in a while, but it dilutes some of the benefits of the dry biscuits themselves.

Even though there is a lot of brand variety on the supermarket shelves when it comes to dog and puppy food varieties, by applying some common sense and sticking with dry kibble formulated especially for puppies, you will be able to provide your precious pet with all of the nutrition that they need.