Choosing the Right Puppy Food

Choosing the Right Puppy Food

Choosing the right food for your puppy depends on certain criteria.  Every dog has a different requirement for their body and it is best if you understand those requirements when selecting the right food for your puppy.  Moreover, the right selection of dog food will help make your puppy healthy and active.  Selecting the wrong food might do just the reverse.  It is important to remember that a puppy’s bodily constitution is not as strong as an adult dog’s bodily constitution.  The detection of the right food for your puppy is a daunting task because several things should be taken into consideration such as their behavior, mood and attitude.  The following are some other things you should consider while selecting your puppy’s food and after taking everything into consideration, you should be able to select the right food for your puppy.

It is important to pay attention to your puppy’s type of breed.  Different breeds have different body constitutions and food habits.  Every dog has an identifiable difference from another dog.  For example, one breed may like to eat mutton more and another breed may like to eat chicken more.

It is best if you understand what your puppy likes to eat.  It is better if you don’t compel your puppy to eat the food if he doesn’t like it.  If you try to introduce new food to your puppy and he doesn’t like it, he may not be able to digest it fully and his health could deteriorate.  It is also important to determine the amount of vitamins and minerals as well as the amount of vegetables and meat your puppy will need to be healthy.

When you are trying to decide which food is best for your puppy, you should think about the domesticated dog and not the wild dog.  If you are raising a wild puppy, you should ascertain where the puppy was born.  This will help you determine what type of food was available at the puppy’s place of birth.  One advantage of having a wild puppy is that it can take any kind of food where the domesticated puppy can’t.  In the wild, there is no scope of the fine food.  Rather, wild dogs will take wild food without a choice.  Moreover, you are getting a bigger food listing for the wild puppy because the domesticated puppy will want to eat the fine food as compared to the wild puppy that will eat most any type of food.


Nutrition is very important for any puppy because is it is essential at a younger age.  Your puppy should eat balanced foods during his puppy stage.  At the puppy stage, the proper food will give him the ability to develop in the right direction and stay healthy as well as active.  The basic nutrition chart should consist of 50% meat and 50% vegetables. Vitamins and minerals should also be added to his food at regular intervals because they will help protect him from diseases.  In fact, a good and balanced food will increase the power of your puppy’s immune system and help prevent him from contracting diseases.


It is difficult to understand the exact food habit of your puppy at this stage.  You will have to be patient and you also have to be intelligent in this regard.  Detection of the right food habits of your puppy, will help you to select the right food for your puppy.  If there are times that your puppy does not want to eat the food you have chosen for him, you can try giving him a second alternative of food.  Also, if you have an active puppy he might spend a lot of calories.  Providing the right kind of food for your puppy will help him recover his lost calories.

The right choice of puppy food will help provide your puppy with a better body construction and will help make him healthy and active.