As pet parents, we know and understand that our beloved fur babies are much more than mere animals—they are valued and cherished members of our families. That is why, when we are first buying a home or remodeling it, it is important that we spend some time making sure our abode is as safe and friendly for our pets as it is for us. With that in mind, the following four tips can help make our homes a better place for Fido and Fluffy:

Get Down on Their Level

One of the best ways to make sure a home is pet-friendly and safe is to get down on all fours and see the world from their viewpoint. Look around and check out what your dog or cat has access to, simply from being low to the ground. Some common things to watch for that may be hazardous to your pet include window cords that a curious pet can get tangled in, trash cans that can easily be tipped over—potentially giving your four-legged friend access to leftover chocolate cake and grapes, which are toxic for pets—and exposed electrical cords that can easily be chewed on.

Have a Feeding Station That Is Easy to Use

Instead of having food and water bowls all over the kitchen floor—where they can be a tripping hazard and collect a lot of pet hair that might be floating around—consider feeding stations for your pets. As animals get older, they can have painful health conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Having a raised feeding station that contains both a food and water bowl can make it much easier for your pets at mealtime. Depending on your comfort level and your cat’s age and jumping ability, you can also create an out-of-the-way kitty feeding station on top of a washer or dryer, or even a breakfast bar. If you have a multi-pet household, this can help keep curious dogs out of your kitty’s kibbles.

Getting Sun Is Important to Pets too

Let the Sun Shine

You’ve probably noticed that your pets adore lying in the sun. Dogs and cats who bask in the sunlight are doing more than staying warm and toasty—they are also boosting their levels of vitamin D. In order to help our pets get the benefits of sunlight without actually going outside all of the time, keep the shades up whenever you can. Consider a selection of new windows that are beautiful and energy-efficient. Installing new windows is a lovely way to help our pets to get enough sunlight to help keep them as healthy as possible.

Create a Lovely Place for Them to Rest

While many of us allow our pets to hang out on the couch or bed with us, it is also nice for our dogs and cats to have a special and comfy place to rest, just for them. As Woman’s Day notes, elevated dog beds are wonderful and safe places for our precious pooches to hang out, and cats love those small snuggly circular beds that they can curl up inside.

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