When purchasing a Vizsla, be sure to find a quality breeder that can provide you with health clearances. These clearances are important as they confirm that the dog has been tested for various health conditions. Some health problems won’t appear until the dog is mature, so health clearances won’t be provided for dogs that are under two years of age. It is best to only buy from a breeder that doesn’t breed their dogs until they’re aged two or three.

Taking Care of Your Vizsla

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These Dogs Demand Exercise

The Vizsla is an energetic breed that will not sit around all day. It performs best with lots of physical activity to keep it busy. This can include walks, jogging, hiking or playing. Owners should be prepared to spend at least one hour per day outside with this dog. Unlike other breeds, the Vizsla does not like living outside in the yard, and performs best when it lives indoors with its owner. These dogs are extremely sociable so leaving them outside alone will cause distress.

When the Vizsla is outside it should be kept in a fenced in area so it doesn’t get into trouble, but should not be put on a chain. Because they are retrievers, these dogs like to chew. If their owners don’t give them toys to chew on, they will chew on furniture, shoes and other costly items.

Eating Habits

The recommended nutritional intake for this breed is about three or four cups of quality dog food each day, which is split into two meals. The amount they eat will depend on various factors, including their size, metabolism and age. Dogs, like humans, need varying amounts of food. Vizslas that are more active than usual will need to eat larger amounts of food. While many dog owners choose to leave out food which the dog can eat whenever it wants, this should not be done with this breed. Instead, its food should be measured and fed to it twice each day.

To determine whether your Vizsla is overweight, you can use the eye and hand test. When you look down at him his waist should be visible. Then put your hands on top of his back, and place your thumbs on his spine with your fingers pointed downward. You should be able to feel the ribs without seeing them. If you can’t feel the ribs this means he needs more exercise.

Grooming the Dog’s Coat

The Vizsla has a coat which comes in different shades of golden rust. The coat has a smooth feel to it and is quite short. The nose and eyes of this breed will be brown in color. A number of breeders sell these dogs with undercoats that are woolly, or coats which are longer than normal. Some Vizslas will also appear in colors such as mahogany. However, these traits are not acceptable by breeding standards, so if you encounter a breeder with these types of dogs you should find another. The coat for this breed is simple to groom and only needs to be brushed once a week. Nails should be trimmed two times each month.

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