Scout here…

OMG!  We had visitors on New Years Eve!  Hu sis’ friend was transporting 7 cats to her aunt and she stopped here for the night.  Of course, the minute she got here, hu sis and her friend left; so mommy and daddy were left in charge of taking care of seven cats and three dogs for the night!  Probably not the most fun New Years, but that’s okay!

Since us dogs have never been around cats, we were very intrigued!  What were those things that were invading our room?  Mommy and daddy were very clever in how they managed the whole situation.  They put the cats out in OUR sun room and we stayed in the house with mommy and daddy.

When we needed to go out and do our business, mommy and daddy would round up all seven cats and put them in their crates and then we would get to go outside and do our thing.

Cats Everywhere!

This one liked to hiss at Teddy!


We would stop and look at those cats in the crate before we would go outside, and OMD…they sure hissed a lot!  Teddy was very curious but even more scared of them when they tried to claw him!

Cats in a Crate

Hissing Cats! They didn’t like us much 🙁


Of course, mommy thought they were adorable and would have kept a couple if she didn’t have us!  She was too afraid that one of us might hurt one of the cats so she decided it was best not to keep one.

Cats and a Chessie

What are those things? I want to play with one!

Even though mommy and daddy had to stay home to celebrate New Years and didn’t get to go out, it was okay cause they spent it with us and the seven cats! 

We hope all of you had a Happy New Years and made some really good New Year’s resolutions that you haven’t broken yet!



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