DIY Tips for Skin Problems in Dogs

the black box relevation:I think I like youAt times, dogs encounter skin problems. The most common skin issues that may plague them include hot spots, rashes, dry skin and itching due to bug bites. Apart from visiting your vet or trying medicines including allergy steroids and shots to treat these skin conditions, you can also try a number of home based or do it yourself  (DIY) remedies. Moreover, shots and steroids could affect the health of your dog. You can certainly avoid these issues by treating these conditions via home based remedies. You can stay on top of the problem by checking your dog’s skin on a regular basis.   Your dog’s coat will be able to tell you the state of his suffering, both in terms of internal or external suffering. If your dog is healthy he will have clear skin without any irritation or signs of rashes or dryness. The following are some DIY tips and tricks for common skin problems found in dogs.

DIY Solution for Itchy Skin

If your dog is suffering from itchy skin, a nice cool bath is an option to help your dog get rid of the discomfort. You need to add several things to your dog’s bath to help get rid of his itchy skin.   You can add oatmeal, Epson salts and baking soda, which can comfort your dog, but don’t let him drink the water. Apart from having a nice bath, you can also try other DIY options, which include changing the diet of your dog. There are also certain mixtures that you can add to your dog’s itchy skin, which include apple cider vinegar mixed with water. The other common DIY solution for itchy skin is to get rid of the dog’s fur especially when the weather is warm. This can help in alleviating parasites that can be sorted out by trimming your dog’s fur.

DIY Solution for Dry Skin Problems

Like the itching skin, this problem can also be helped with a soothing bath. Make sure you do not shampoo your dog in a cool bath. Not only do you need to give your dog a good shampoo, you also need to use a conditioner to soften the skin. However, keep in mind that you should avoid over bathing your dog as well, which can further irritate the dry skin. After giving your dog a bath, you need to clean your dog with a towel on a frequent basis. Also, there are other solutions like petting, which include stimulating the natural oil over your pet’s skin. The other option is to change the diet of your pet in order to make your dog’s  coat healthy. Lastly, you can think of trying the option of humidifying wherein you can add moisture in the room that your dog stays in to help with the dry skin issue.

DIY Solution for Rashes

If your dog has skin rashes,  you have several DIY options to get rid of them which can give him a good amount of relief and comfort. With this condition, your dog can get some relief and comfort by taking a bath with shampoos and oatmeal based conditioners. You can also think of trying green tea rinses, canine hydrocortisone creams, and aloe-vera.

DIY for Relief of other Discomforts

Dogs suffering from ear mites can get some relief with the help of cotton soaked with mineral oil.  Swab the ear lightly over the ear canal. This can offer temporary relief from the irritation that the mites cause, however, it is not a solution.  For dogs suffering from hot spots, the DIY solution is to cut off the fur around the area of the hot spot.  A cortisone spray or applying cortisone cream over the hot spot can help your dog to a great extent.

Final Word

If your dog is suffering from skin issues, apart from visiting your vet, you can also try a couple of DIY based solutions. The above are some DIY solutions you can try to help make your dog comfortable and give him relief.

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