Ash here…

Scout said I could do the post today!  I’m so excited because I never get to write a post!  I feel like the orphan dog around here because I never get the blog!  But today is a new day, and guess what….I get to write the post! 

Mommy asked me what I wanted to write about and I told her I wanted to write about Diesel and when he comes to visit!  Diesel coming to visit is the best part of my day cos he plays with me and we have so much fun!

I have to admit, there are times when I get annoyed with him, but who could stay annoyed with him for long?  He is just so darn cute!  When he comes to stay, we have so much fun.  We play and play and we chase squirrels and we eat acorns.  Doesn’t that sound like fun!

I can’t wait til he comes back again!  There is so much excitement at our house when he comes to visit!  Here we are playing.

Plot Hound and Chessie

I’m gonna get you Ash!

Chessie and Plot Hound

Watch Out!

Chessie and Plot Hound

Having fun yet?

Chessie and Plot Hound

Come on Ash! You can’t be tired yet!

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