Not that long ago, the only way to be active with your dog was to grab his or her leash and head out for a stroll around the block. While this approach certainly still works, you can make your fitness routine a little more interesting with a variety of dog-centric iPhone apps. Here are just a few options to download on your iPhone 6:


As a dog parent, it can be hard to find pup-friendly parks, beaches and hotels. You might want to check out a local hiking trail, but are unsure if your beloved dog is welcome. Thanks to the BringFido app, you can find a variety of pet-friendly places. In addition to giving you the scoop on the best local dog parks, trails and beaches, BringFido also helps you find upcoming dog events, vets, pet supply stores and more.

Use apps to get in shape with your dog


YummyPets is the first community platform designed with pet owners in mind. As a social network for pets and their parents, you can post photos of your adorable pooch and make friends with other pet lovers. After meeting through the YummyPets app, you and your new friends can schedule doggy play dates together. The app is specifically optimized to be used on the iPhone 6, which has a great 8-megapixel iSight camera for taking selfies with your furry best friend.


A great way to get more active with your dog is to track how long and how often you walk with him or her. Keeping tabs on your walks and knowing how many calories you burn may inspire you to do even more. A great way to do this is with the MapMyDogWalk app, which tracks your walks and other outdoor adventures through the use of built-in GPS technology. Head out the door with your dog and start walking, and the app automatically maps the path you take. It also keep tabs on other data, such as how many minutes you walk, how many miles, how fast you walk and more. Once you finish the walk, you can save the data to refer to later.


You already know how smart your dog is, but now an innovative online tool can prove it. Dognition lets you play fun and science-based games with your pooch; the more you interact with him, the more you learn about how your beloved pet’s mind works. Dognition walks you and your dog through the games, so all you need to do is record the results. The games are fun and require some space, a few common household items and an Internet connection. And, once you finish your pup’s Dognition Assessment, you receive a unique profile report all about his or her special brand of genius. The results tell you how your dog’s brain works to solve the problems and games, so you can feel even closer.

No matter if you get active with a leash and tennis shoes, a frisbee at the dog park or apps on your iPhone, you and your dog can get fit together. This makes it less of a chore and more of a great way to bond together.

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