It’s a sad day at our house today.  Mom and dad took Shiloh to the vet this morning so she could cross over the Rainbow Bridge in peace.  We are going to miss her but we know she is in a better place.  We are sure our doggy sis Summer was waiting for her ready to take her and show her around.  Better yet, we are sure Summer was waiting for Shiloh so they could cause some trouble together!  When the two of them were together they were the best escape artists ever!  We know that they are running and playing and both Shiloh and Summer are happy to be together again!

It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share some of our memories of our beloved Shiloh!

She was a great dog.  She could play catch with the best of them but her passion was swimming.  Even in her last few days, she would walk up to the pool and look in like she really wanted to go for one last swim.  In her younger days, she would run and jump in the pool.  She didn’t care who she jumped on just as long as she was in the pool.  Everyone knew to stay out of her way or she would jump right on top of them!

Labrador Retriever

She would swim all day if we would let her!

Shiloh was a food thief!  She loved to steal Ash’s food.  Shiloh would wait until Ash wasn’t looking and sneak up and try to get a bite of Ash’s food.  No way was Ash going to let Shiloh have any of her food and she would run Shiloh off.

We will always remember Shiloh’s bark!  She would use everything she had to muster up a bark and when she did, both of her front feet would come up off the ground.  We loved to watch her bark…her bark was special!

She was also a scavenger and she ate everything she could find.  Mom would have to really watch her in the backyard because she would eat nuts, persimmons, grass and anything else that she thought might be tasty.  She would spend hours in the yard sniffing for stuff to eat and believe us, it wasn’t cause mom didn’t feed her!

She was a great sport and put up with us dogs when she didn’t have to.  We would get excited and knock her down by accident but we still loved her!  Teddy even hiked his leg on her head and she was such a good sport about it.  She didn’t even get upset.  She was the best!

Black Lab

We loved our Shiloh!

Shiloh was the inspiration for this blog.  Yeah…us other three dogs were part of the reason for the blog also, but Shiloh was a big part.  Mom is glad she started the blog cause she took lots of pictures of Shiloh that she probably would never have taken if she wasn’t writing about us all the time!  When mom isn’t so sad she can look back at all the pictures and remember the good times with Shiloh.  We didn’t really understand why mom was always taking pictures of us but now we know!  She will have something to look back at and remind her of Shiloh and when we are gone they will remind her of us.

Black Lab

This was Shiloh’s favorite chair. She would lay here for hours!

We are going to miss you sweet Shiloh but we will see you again someday!  Goodbye dear friend.  We were so lucky to have you in our lives.  You were a great friend, a comforting soul, a pal…you were awesome.  Take care sweet one.


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