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Tips for Cleaning Your Dog's EarsYou know your dog loves a nice rub behind his ears, but did you know that he also deserves a regular cleaning of his ears? Regular cleanings are a vital part of the grooming task. A dog’s ears produce wax and oils to lubricate the inner part of the ear and prevent foreign substances from making their way to the eardrum. Overtime, these oils can accumulate dust and dirt and the natural wax production can also increase.  The wax needs to be carefully removed at regular intervals.

Clean ears are very crucial for your dog’s health. Regular cleaning of the ears can help prevent chronic ear infections, which occur in dogs that spend more time outdoors. Regular cleaning is easy and doesn’t need to be a time consuming task. Some dogs hate having their ears cleaned while others happily jump onto your lap to get their ears cleaned. The following tips help in making this grooming experience pleasurable for your dog.

Your Dog’s Ears

Dogs with heavy floppy ears, ears that hang down or those with a lot of hair in the inner part of their ears need to have their ears cleaned regularly.

It is time to visit your pet clinic if your dog is pawing at his ears frequently, if his ears have developed a bad odor or are very red or if your furry friend is shaking his head as these may be the early signs of an ear infection.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly will keep its ears free from infections and will also help you to get a good picture of what your dog’s ears look like when they’re healthy. This also allows you to easily identify any problems in the ear should they arise. It is recommended you pair each cleaning with some fun, like speaking to the dog throughout the cleaning in a gentle and loving way or with lots of praise. By doing this, ear cleaning will be a pleasurable experience for your pet.

Supplies You Will Need

To begin with, you need to be ready with proper ear cleaning tools.

  •  Although there are many commercial cleaners available at the pet stores, it is better to use Virbac EpiOtic Ear Cleanser or Sogeveal OtiSoothe Ear Cleansing solution. These products are non-alcohol based and are safe on ears. Alcohol based cleaning solutions can burn the inside of the dog’s ears.
  •  4-inch gauze squares or cotton balls.
  •  If possible, get the help of someone who can divert the attention of your dog while the cleaning takes place.

Some breeds, like Terriers, have a lot of hair inside their ears and may have additional deposits of dirt and earwax. In such cases, you will need additional tools like a hemostat. This is a pair of tweezers which will help you in plucking the hairs gently from inside the ears. Doing this requires some experience and can cause danger when wrongly performed. Hair removal allows easy passage of air into the ears and prevents chronic ear infections. You can also dust some powder in the inside of the ear to get an easy grip over the hair.

Step-by-Step Cleaning

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning your dog’s ears so that you don’t pass more germs into your dog’s ears.
  •  Make sure the ear cleaning liquid is at room temperature.
  •  Hold the ear flap upwards by gently pulling its tip.
  •  Gently squeeze a few drops of ear wash solution into the ear canal. Make sure only the tip of the bottle goes into the ear canal.
  •  Immediately close the ear and massage the base of the ear so that the liquid spreads throughout the canal.
  •  After performing the above steps, move away from your dog so that the fluid does not get into your eyes as your dog shakes its head instantly. Most of the accumulated debris will be removed as your dog shakes its head.
  •  Use damp cotton and carefully remove the parts of the debris from the ear lobe.
  •  Take another moist cotton ball and remove the debris which is attached to the cartilage of the ear.
  •  You can also use a Q-tip to remove the dirt or wax that is collected in the crevices, but take care not to insert the Q-tip deep into the ear canal.
  •  Once the ear base is clean, use damp cotton balls to clean the ear flap.
  • Repeat the process until there is no visible dirt.
  •  Pull back your dog’s ear flaps and hold them for five minutes so as to allow the air to dry the inner parts of the ear.
  • Follow the same procedure for the second ear.

Give your fury friend a nice treat after the cleaning; this will make your next cleaning process even smoother. If you spot excessive wax buildup or unusual odors, you need to take your dog to a veterinarian to inspect your dog’s ears.


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