Scout here…

Mommy took pictures of Diesel and me in those awful antler ears last night!  So I have to ask myself, why do humans like to dress us dogs up in antler ears for Christmas?

Mommy says we look cute and the humans got a good chuckle out of it while we were sitting there looking silly!

Take a look:

Dogs in Antler Ears

Look at that Diesel! He loves posing for pictures! Me…I could care less!


Dogs in Antlers

Mommy caught me when I wasn’t looking!


Dogs in Antlers

Diesel had to get in the middle of my photo shoot! Aren’t we too cute!


Dogs in Antlers

I think Diesel has had enough!

And on that note,  all of us at Dogs N Pawz want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!  Hope your day is filled with great food, lots of family togetherness, good times, loads of love and many, many blessings! 

Happy Holidays!

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