We were so excited when we were notified that our Edmond Animal Shelter won the dog and cat toys from Damien’s Best Dog Toys Blog Giveaway last month!  If you haven’t visited Damien’s Best Dog Toys Blog you really should!  Mommy decided she was going to win this giveaway for the shelter and she contacted Paws For Life and asked them to nominate the shelter also.  Paws For Life has a lot of volunteers and so be it…several of them also nominated the shelter.  Mommy even went on Damien’s Best Dog Toys Blog everyday before she went to work and nominated the shelter.  Mommy was determined to win those toys!  We guess it worked, cause our Edmond Animal Shelter won!

Damien’s blog did a nice write up about our shelter.  You can find it here.

Our shelter received two handcrafted rope dog toys and 25 fleece cat toys!  Don’t you know the dogs and cats at the shelter were excited when they received the new toys!

Dog and Cat Toys

Photo from Damien’s Dog Blog

We have adopted two dogs from the Edmond Animal Shelter.  Well…hu bro has adopted two dogs from the animal shelter but they were and are just like our very own dogs!  The first one was Phe…the most awesome Pittie ever.  At least we think so!  She was the best and her and mommy became so very close.  We didn’t have Phe for long though, and it is still hard for mommy to talk about.

Pit Bull

Our Precious Phe!


Hu bro then adopted Diesel.  This little boy was such a cutie and still is!  Mommy even wrote a book about him.  You can find it here:

Animal Shelters
The Edmond Animal Shelter has some very special dogs and cats that are waiting to be adopted.  You can search their adoptable dogs and cats by visiting their website, their Facebook page, or Petfinder.com.

Thank you so much Damien’s Best Dog Toys for donating your toys to our Edmond Animal Shelter!  You made a lot of doggies and kitties very happy!

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