There are many reasons to get a dog, not the least of having a faithful friend to come home to at the end of each day. With a grinning face and a wagging tail, seeing your dog bouncing for joy at the sight of your arrival is a joy to behold.

You don’t need us to tell you that your loyal pooch can improve the quality of your life, but if you ever needed further evidence, or you are still sitting on the fence about buying or adopting one, we will tell you about some of the benefits a dog can bring.

Dogs are great companions



Dogs are a friend for life, and unlike humans, have very short memories when it comes to bearing a grudge. In your good times, and your bad times, your furry friend will always stand by your side, no matter what.

Dogs offer emotional support

You can tell your dog anything and they will never give away your innermost feelings to others! Of course, dogs can’t speak your language and they won’t be able to counsel you, but they are adept at picking up your emotions and will be there when you need them the most. Playing with your dog can help relax you and will increase your brain’s level of serotonin, which is the happy chemical that can reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Dogs will improve your physical fitness

We all know we need to exercise more, but sometimes it can be difficult getting the motivation. Thankfully, your dog will be all too happy to get you off your butt and with a wag of its tail and a friendly bark, he will encourage you to take him for a walk. Dogs need exercise as much as you, so you are doing them a favor when you take them to the local park or further afield. However, they are also doing you a favor and a good walk a couple of times a day will alleviate conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Dogs can be trained for a range of purposes

Dogs are cleverer than people think and they can be trained for a variety of uses. No, we aren’t talking about taking them on a talent show, although that could be an option. Rather, they can be trained as excellent companions for people with a range of disabilities. For example, they can be used as guide dogs for the blind, support dogs for those with depression, and can even be trained to detect epilepsy and bring medication when it’s needed. So, if you have a specific condition, having a dog in your life can provide remarkable benefits.

Dogs will keep watch over your house



Dogs are not only faithful to you, but also over your home and everybody within it. While it can be annoying every time they bark at the postman or any visitor who comes to your door, you need to know that they are simply acting as protection. You can sleep safely at night and go out during the day, knowing your dog is always alert, ready to pounce on unsuspecting burglars. These are the best watchdog breeds, so if you are relying on your pampered poodle for protection, you may want to think about adding another furry friend to your household.

Dogs can help your social life

As wonderful as your dog is, you can’t rely on them for all of your social needs. Thankfully, dogs make a great talking point, so when you are on one of your regular walks, you are bound to come across other dog owners who will be keen to chat. So, while your dog is running playfully around the field with their own kind, you can spend some time chatting to your own kind too!

Dogs can be lifesavers

Dogs are lifesavers in many ways. Not only will they lift your mood, keep you fit, and protect you from any threats. Thanks to their enhanced sniffer capabilities, dogs can detect subtle changes to our health and body chemistry. They can detect cancer, by sniffing out lumps and moles on your body, and can also be trained to help those with diabetes by detecting low blood sugar levels.

Paws for thought

The next time you think about adopting a rescue dog, remember that you are not only helping them. As we have seen, dogs can rescue us from all kinds of situations, as well. Having a dog can aid us physically and mentally, so if you are still sat on the fence about welcoming a dog into your home, hopefully, we have changed your mind!






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