Time Magazine reported the 10 most popular videos on YouTube for 2014 with a mutant spider dog at the top of its list. The owner dressed his dog in a giant tarantula costume to terrorize the unsuspecting public. Number seven on the list featured an adopted puppy and loyal Clydesdales. If your dog has stars in his eyes, there are fun and easy ways to make him Internet famous.

From Instagram to YouTube and beyond, here are some ways to get your dog the recognition he deserves.

Compete on Instagram

Everyone posts cute pictures of their dogs on Instagram, but it takes a special owner to add witty captions, hashtags and develop a cohesive brand around your pooch. The popular Menswear Dog offers a comical yet sophisticated look at Bodhi, a Shiba Inu that likes style. The photos speak for themselves and make this dashing dog look like he’s ready to land the cover of Esquire or at least Modern Dog.
Your dog may decline to dress up in aviator jackets and suits, but you can capture the spirit and essence of your pet in similar poses and environments. Jack, a blind Pomeranian rescued from a puppy mill, draws thousands of followers on Instagram with his camera-ready smiles and innocent gaze.

Internet Dogs

Make Your Pet Talk

Your dog always has something to say and it’s about time the world knew it. Take a photo of your dog with a clear shot of his face. Next, launch the My Talking Pet smartphone app and select his eyes and mouth. You have the option to select a dog voice and record yourself making comments. The finished product results in a fun clip of your pooch talking in a voice all his own. Upload the clip to Facebook or YouTube and turn it into a running commentary series where your dog answers questions about current events and pop culture alike.

Film an Epic Dog Video

Grab your smartphone or video recorder of choice and film your dog doing something only he can do well. For example, the YouTube sensation “DOG vs. BALLOONS II” features a pup popping 100 balloons in just over a minute. Take it a step further and add slow motion effects, dissolves and your own stock music to avoid any issues with YouTube’s copyright laws.

Show Your Dog’s Heroic Side

Everyone loves a good heroic dog story. In 2008, a dog in Chile ran into highway traffic to rescue an injured dog and drag his new friend onto the median. A witness captured the moment on video and uploaded it to YouTube. It’s about time your dog got recognized for the hero he is. He might not be dodging traffic to save a fellow canine, but he might save you from the ferocity of the vacuum cleaner or postman lurking at the door.

Get a Product Line

Maybe your dog is already a little Internet famous. If so, it’s high time he got his own product line. Manny The Frenchie commands over 735,000 Facebook likes to date with regular posts of his baby pictures, videos sleeping and work as a philanthropist. His professional website features a shop full of clothing, mugs, calendars and bags that feature his likeness. But don’t count on Manny writing you back for tips on how to make your dog Internet famous. He’s busy being featured in the Washington Post and magazines coast to coast.

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