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There are no standard sizes for dog apparel. A proper fit depends upon matching your dog’s size to the specifications in the product description. If you are not sure how to take the proper measurements, you may end up with something too snug to be comfortable or too big to stay on your dog. Here are some tips to make sure your measurements correspond to those of the product:

 Body Length

Start at the base of the neck and stretch straight across your dog’s back to the base of the tail. Keep in mind that not all items will cover the entire length of the back.

Chest Girth

For chest girth, wrap the tape measure completely around just behind your dog’s front legs. If the measurement falls between sizes, the larger is probably the better choice.

Neck Girth

Measure around the neck above the shoulders, placing two fingers inside the measuring tape for a comfortable fit. Clothing should not be too tight here, so err on the side of generosity.

Finding the Best Fit uses the methods stated above for the sizing of their apparel and accessories offered on their website.

Knowing how to take your dog’s measurements will lead to a better fit when purchasing clothes online. When the order is right the first time, your dog can enjoy the benefits of your gift right away.


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