Gee Whiz…is your mom always on the computer?  Our mom is always on the computer.  She spent all morning cleaning out those junky emails.  And when we say all morning, we mean all morning!  What the heck…what are junky emails anyway????  And why would anyone send mom a junky email when they know it is going to get deleted?  We just don’t understand humans…why waste your time sending an email that isn’t even going to be read?

We were watching mom delete emails and there were some words we just didn’t understand.  Maybe today could be a vocab building day…like our friend Jetty over at Hey, It’s Jet Here…!  There were emails that said “No Computers Allowed!Your perfect match”…heck, mom is already married we don’t need another man in the house!  There were emails that screamed, “Buy This”…they don’t know our mom very well.  She is on a very frugal budget.  She only buys when she absolutely has to, like food!  There were all those, “I’ll make your site make you money”…yeah sure, mom hasn’t made very much off her site, if anything at all.  And then to top it off, she has started getting porn sites in her spam box on her Dogs N Pawz site 🙁  We don’t know what porn means but mom says it isn’t something we want or need to know.  Mom just shakes her head and says, “What’s next?”

So, mom keeps deleting emails and unsubscribing to email lists but they still keep coming.  If she spent as much time cleaning the house as she does deleting emails we would have a really clean house!  Doh!  Anyway, here is to one of those very frustrating mom won’t get off the computer days!  We want her to come out and play.  Just saying….

Us Dogs Want To Play!

Come on mom…let’s play!!!!


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