Getting a new dog is an exciting time for anyone. But you do have to be careful about how you prepare your dog for domestic living and how you introduce them to the home. Here are the steps you should take.

Prepare Your Home

Before your new dog even arrives at your home, you should make sure that the home is ready for them. If you already have a dog in the home, you should take them away and introduce them to your new dog later. It’s best not to introduce your new dog to a new home and a new dog at the same time. If you do that, it can all be a little too much. You should also make sure that any delicate items are put out of harm’s way before the dog arrives. You don’t want things to get broken as soon as they arrive. You can’t accurately predict how the dog will respond, so it’s best to be cautious.

Make the Introduction Slow and Steady

When you bring your new dog home, they will run around the home and inspect it if you allow them to. This might not seem like a particularly problematic kind of reaction to you. But this kind of response is often more to do with stress than pure excitement. A new environment that’s unfamiliar and has no way out can seem scary to your dog. That’s why you should keep them on the leash and take them through each room in the house slowly and steadily. It’s much healthier if their initial introduction to their new home is relaxed and steady rather than frantic and panicked.

Start Training Your Dog Immediately

Training can never happen too soon. If the dog you adopted has not been in a conventional domestic setting for a long time, then they could have difficulties. The sooner they have expert training, the sooner they will feel at ease in your home. There are plenty of companies out there that can help you with dog training services. As soon as you know the dog and its specific tendencies and behaviors, you should find a trainer. They will be able to fix any problems and improve their overall behavior. Even puppies can be trained, so there is no need to wait before getting training underway.



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