With animals in the home, it can be challenging to keep them happy while also maintaining an organized look in the home. Numerous toys, beds, gadgets and various supplies can sometimes feel like they’re taking over your house. According to the American Pet Products Association, business is booming for pet products, and it is estimated that Americans will spend over $60 billion on their pets in 2015.

Home Improvement Tips for You and Your Dog
If you love spoiling your pet but don’t want to sacrifice your sense of style and comfort, consider the following options:

Floors for All Feet

High-maintenance floors are a thing of the past with so many appealing and long-lasting options nowadays. Laminate floors are extremely durable, easy to clean and won’t easily scratch from your dog’s nails. If you are thinking about replacing carpet in your house, consider these floors instead. Hard surfaces also won’t trap hair and dander like carpet does, and cleaning is a snap.

An Attractive Place to Rest

Your furniture fits your taste, so your dog’s furniture should too. Shop around for items that best integrate with your decorating style. Find a dog bed that matches the color palette of your home, while offering a plush landing place for your pooch.

Skip the Drapes

Drapes can be pretty, but with dogs around, they can get dirty easily and hold onto hair and pet dander. They can also pose a potential hazard if your dog accidentally tugs on them, risking the drapes and the rod crashing down to the ground. The easiest solution is to replace drapery and fabric window coverings with stress-free roller shades. They’re simple, a great value and easy to operate, and they don’t have the hassle of fabric window coverings.

Transform Your Outdoors

Consider replacing your high-maintenance and water-guzzling lawn with a clover lawn, which won’t yellow when your dog urinates. If you’re lawn-free and living in a high-rise, opt for a Doggie Lawn, which uses a specially-formulated, hydroponically-grown grass that can be placed on any balcony or patio as a safe patch of grass for potty time. Best of all, there’s no dirt with this option, eliminating a messy cleanup.

Get Creative About Other Spaces

Why limit your design upgrades to furniture? If you have a lower kitchen cabinet that isn’t being used, consider taking the door and hinges off and integrating the dog bowls into the inside. Use an existing bowl as a template to cut through the wood so the bowls nest flush with the bottom of the cabinet. You can even paint the inside or wallpaper it to make Fido’s feeding spot look like a high-end diner.

If your kitchen cabinets lead to an outside wall, another option is to relocate the dog door in the back of the cabinet so it’s out of view of your guests. You can also put an absorbent mat inside the cabinet for when Fido walks back through on a rainy day.

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