We are linking up with 2 Brown Dogs for their This ‘N That Thursday blog hop and PepiSmartDog for his Thankful Thursday blog hop and in doing so we are going to borrow Gizmo’s title of This ‘N That Thankful Thursday!  We thinks Gizmo was rather clever and we just had to borrow his idea!  Hope that’s okay with you Gizmo!

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Mommy has shared several pictures of Ophelia settling in at her new home and many of you have commented about how happy she looks.  Human bro adopted Phe from the Edmond Animal Shelter last Tuesday so she has been with us (well, with hu bro) for 1 week and 2 days.  Human bro had to go out of town for the week for work and so the story begins…only we will have to tell that story tomorrow on Follow Up Friday!  Anyways, Phe is staying with us until hu bro gets back tomorrow.  Her and mommy have gotten quite attached.  She follows mommy everywhere and cuddles up to mommy whenever mommy sits down.  We are a little jealous!  Why should hu bro’s new dog get all the attention?  In fact, Phe is with mommy in the study right now while us three other dogs are out in the sunroom.  What’s up with that?

We have been featuring a shelter dog and just wanted to remind all of you out there about Bart.  He has been at the Edmond Animal Shelter for almost a year now and is looking for his forever home.  If you want to know more about Bart, click here.  If you can share his story we would really appreciate it!  We would appreciate it so much that we would give you lots of licks and woofs to say thank you!

Blog HopBecause we are combining the two blog hops into one post we are thankful that hu bro and mommy could save a shelter dog.  Phe is a sweetheart and we thinks she is very happy in her new home!




We thought we would leave you with this cute puppy picture that mommy received in an email!  Can you come up with a clever caption?

Cute Puppies in a Row

Do you have a cute caption for this puppy picture?

Have a great Thursday!

Happy Tails To All,

Scout, Teddy and Ash

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