We are joining 2 Brown Dawgs  and their co-host Ruckus the Eskie for the This ‘N That Thursday Blog Hop. As they say over at 2 Brown Dawgs…

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Our Twitter account got hacked yesterday 😥   We are so sorry if you got one of those messages.  We would never send a message like that out saying that bad things were being said about people.  Why would anybody do that?  Go figure.  We changed our password and hopefully you won’t get anymore of those stupid messages from us!

Tomorrow our animal shelter is having an adoption event.  We are hoping lots of doggies and kitties get adopted!  They are going to have lots of cool stuff…free hot dogs, free candy, a bake sale, raffle prizes and face painting.  If you live around here, please go by and support the animal shelter!

Opt to Adopt a Cat or Dog
Little Diesel is keeping everybody busy!  He is such a cutie.  Hu bro brings him over almost everyday to play with us.  Teddy likes to play with him, Ash thinks she is his mommy and well, I just lay around and watch cause I’m the oldest and wisest of the bunch! 


I sure like those big doggie’s chew toys!

Don’t forget to use our Amazon link at the top of our blog if you are ordering from Amazon!  We will donate 25% of our profits to Paws for Life which helps our Edmond Animal Shelter!  It doesn’t cost you any extra to order form our link, and you can buy anything from Amazon through our link.  It doesn’t have to be doggie stuff!  Thanks!

One last thing, we just wanted all of our bloggie friends to know that we are sorry we haven’t been visiting your blogs like we should.  Mommy has had to start working again and is having a hard time keeping up with things.  She hasn’t gone back to work full time but she is tutoring 5 to 6 hours a day, Monday through Thursday and a couple of hours on Sunday.  Please bear with us because she is trying to figure all this out!  In case you are wondering, mommy tutors math.  She has Algebra I students up through Calculus students.  The Calculus is kind of throwing her for a loop and she is spending a lot of time relearning it!  Mommy says it isn’t much fun, but she is hoping to pick up more Calculus students next year to tutor!  Enough rambling…have a great day!

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