5 Important Points to be Kept in Mind While Relocating Dogs!

A pet is an animal that is raised in the house for companionship and entertainment. Animals with an attractive appearance, loyal and playful nature are generally considered suitable as pets. Cats and dogs are the most commonly used pets in the world. They are known for their faithful, loving and playful nature. They are an integral part of millions of households around the world. Dog is also considered to be man’s best friend.

Tips for Moving to a New Home with Your Dog

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During a home relocation an entire family has to move to a new dwelling. Since dogs are also part and parcel of many households around the world, they also require to be relocated carefully.

Various important steps must be taken while relocating dogs in order to ensure their safety and welfare:

  • Plan the schedule properly- The relocation should be planned well in advance. Pets should be included in the list of objects that require to be shifted. Proper plans must be made regarding the effective relocation of pets.
  • Look for pet friendly dwellings- Dogs like open space, in which they can move around freely. They feel uncomfortable in apartments or flats which hardly possess any open space. In case you don’t have the option of relocating to a large house with open space then you can at least look for an accommodation which has proximity to a park. The comfort level of pets cannot be considered as the most important factor while selecting a new location, but if you are a true pet lover then you can certainly give some thought to their welfare.
  •  Complete all the veterinary formalities- Before relocating to a new place, get your dogs examined by veterinary experts. All the health related concerns of the dogs should be looked after in case of long distance relocations in order to avoid any trouble during the journey. Light sedatives could also be used in case of pets traveling in the cargo area of the plane. These sedatives can make your pet unconscious during the journey thus ensuring that they are not able to display any aggressive behavior during the journey.
  •  Hire pet friendly hotels- Before traveling with dogs to a new destination, do proper research regarding the availability of hotels which are pet friendly. If you are relocating to a distant place then you might have to utilize the services of a hotel for a certain span of time. You should enquire with the hotel authorities whether they allow pets or not. If you are granted the permission to keep your pet in the hotel then you should make sure that your pet doesn’t cause any harm to any other inhabitants of the hotel or damage the hotel property.
  • Utilize the services of a moving company– If you are not confident of handling the relocation properly then it would be logical to utilize the services of a moving services company. These companies possess expertize in home relocations and are also capable of taking good care of your pets during the relocation process.


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