Mom and dad went to the Bahamas and took human sis and bro with them.  Not only did they take our human siblings but they took sis’ boyfriend and roommate.

Us Dogs Didn't Get to Go

Our bro, sis’ boyfriend, sis, and sis’ roommate! This is them in the Bahamas.

During that week while they were away we kept asking ourselves why didn’t they take us?  Did it have something to do with flying almost 5 hours on an airplane? Or were they afraid sharks would eat us?  For whatever reason it was, we still think they should have taken us!  We spent the whole week while they were away contemplating this question and we didn’t come up with a good reason for them to leave us behind!  So we have decided to ponder this question and maybe you can give us some ideas!

Let’s start with the airplane flight….we would have been really good dogs on the airplane even though it was a rather long flight!  Actually, we think mom and dad could have bought us a seat and we could have ridden with them on the plane!  How awesome would that have been!  I know we would have been the perfect passengers and everybody would have loved us and goooood and gawed over us.  Don’t you think?

Or…could it be that they didn’t have room in the rooms that they stayed in?  That shouldn’t have been a problem cause I sleep with mom and dad so I don’t take up much room.  Teddy could have slept with human bro and Ash could have slept with human sis.  So, as I see it, that wasn’t a very good reason either!

Or…were they afraid the sharks would eat us?  Well, we are smart enough to stay away from the sharks, duh!


This little shark wouldn’t eat us!


Hammerhead Shark in the Bahamas

This is a funny looking shark! It is called a Hammerhead shark and I really think us three dogs could take it on and win!


Or…did they think the turtles would snap at us and hurt us?  If we are smart enough to stay away from the sharks then we are smart enough to stay away from the turtles!  Double duh!


This is one big turtle!

Or…did they think we would get stung by a stingray?  If a stingray even tried to get close to us we would have barked and scared it away!

Stingrays in the Bahamas

These things have really long tails…the better to sting you with!

Or…did they think we would get sucked out into the ocean and never come back?  Oh no…that would have been very scary if that would have happened 😥

Ocean in the Bahamas

That is a pretty cool wave!

Well, for whatever reason, they decided they couldn’t take us dogs with them.  I’m sure they think their reasons are good reasons but I’m not sure about that!  I think we would have been perfectly fine and they should have given us a chance to show them!  BOL!

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