For decades, Americans have been in love with cars, and it’s easy to understand why. They offer a sense of freedom, success and pride. Today, there are six major car shows every year, numerous nationally-acclaimed custom shows and smaller local shows in a variety of communities nationwide. But, if there’s one thing that might be on par with the American obsession with cars, it’s our love of dogs.

Dog Breeds & Cars...What they say about you.

Nearly 50 percent of Americans own a dog, according to the ASPCA, and our relationship with canines goes back even further than it does with vehicles. When paired together, your dog breed and car choice can say a lot about you. Take a look at these four dog-car combinations to discover what impression you’re giving to onlookers.

Datsun 240Z & a Leather-Studded Doberman Pinscher

Your sleek, leather-wearing Doberman in a peppy Datsun says a lot more than, “Hey, I’m stylish, fun and up for anything!” As a Doberman owner, you’re determined and good at achieving your goals. But, you may want to let people know that without the intimidation factor that this combination brings. So, consider swapping the fun-loving Datsun (and maybe the leather collar) for a modern luxury car to get the same power, comfort and style you and regal friend deserve.

1987 Testarossa & a Sunglasses-Wearing German Shepherd

This combo is screaming to onlookers that you’re in denial that the Miami Vice look is dead and gone (and has been for quite some time). However, you’re so loyal that you just can’t let it go. That’s okay, though, because DriveTime has plenty of sports cars at their Miami location to keep you and your crime-fighting pal in style (and in the 21st century).

Dodge Caravan & a Kerchiefed Yellow Labrador

First and foremost, you’re a family man. You and your trusty sidekick are friendly, outgoing and active individuals — but maybe not so unique. You’re all-American and that can seem a bit predictable to some. Although labs are the most popular dog breed, you may want to speak a little to the personality you both, no doubt, possess. A number of car manufacturers offer modernized versions of the minivan that can give you, your family and your furry best friend plenty of room to grow and play together. Or better yet, try a stylish SUV to show your personality.

Jacked-Up, Single Cab F150 & a Kenneled Pointer

Your ride is more expensive than anything you own, and you loyally take your dog everywhere you go. You’re outdoorsy, and you need your loyal companion to be just as nature-savvy as you are. While trucks are durable, useful vehicles, consider lowering that bad boy to make it easier for Fido to kennel-up. Or, opt for an extended cab for those times that the weather may not be ideal for him to ride in the back.

Consider the type of message you’re sending with your lifestyle choices, and make sure you have the ideal vehicle that fits both you and your furry friend.

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