Answers to FAQs about German Shepherds

German Shepherds are highly prized for many reasons. They are smart, easily trained and are the choice for police units and other organizations for a variety of jobs. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions about German Shepherds.

What health problems are common in Shepherds?

This breed is prone to ailments of the hips and elbows. They can also develop skin allergies and a condition called Von Willebrand’s disease. On the whole, however, these dogs stay healthy for many years.

What is the average lifespan of a German Shepherd?

Generally, Shepherds live for around 12 years.

Do German Shepherds make good pets?

Yes, they do. German Shepherds easily and effectively form strong bonds with children. Especially when the child and the dog grow up together, their bond is unmistakeable.

Is a small yard enough space for a German Shepherd?

As long as you get out and walk your dog and take him to the park occasionally for a run, he will be okay with having only a small yard. German Shepherds are social animals and they like to be with you, so when you go for your daily walk, take your dog with you!

Which make better pets, the males or the females?

Both. Female and male German Shepherd dogs are basically the same dogs. They both exhibit the same personality traits and behaviors. The primary difference between the genders in this breed is the size, so if you are looking for a smaller dog a female is the best choice for you.

How big are German Shepherds?

Male Shepherds are about two feet tall at the shoulder, weighing between 75 and 100 pounds. Females are generally a couple of inches shorter and weigh between 60 and 80 pounds.

What kind of temperament does the German Shepherd have?

Train-ability, loyalty, intelligence, strength and focus are some of the key aspects of the breed’s personality and temperament.

What colors are German Shepherds?

The most common color combinations for German Shepherds are black and tan, tan and black, cream and black, and black and silver. The colorations can appear in a variety of patterns and markings.

Do German Shepherds have long hair or short hair?

The answer to that is, both. German Shepherds can have either long or short hair, but the short-haired variety is by far more common.

Do German Shepherds shed?

Yes, they do. They are known to be one of the worst shedders of all of the dog breeds. Whereas some breeds only shed during certain seasons (to shed their winter coat in preparation for spring, for example) German Shepherds shed all the time. Although they shed in smaller amounts than those who shed less often, if you buy a German Shepherd you should be prepared for some daily cleanup of the hair.

Are they good for allergy sufferers?

No. Because they shed so frequently, German Shepherds are not a good choice for families with members who have allergies to pet dander and those who suffer from asthma. Even the short-haired versions can be the trigger for respiratory responses.

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