English Bulldog, Bulldog Breed

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog has a tenacious temperament and they are also a very confident dog.

The English Bulldog is 100% man-made.  They have been bred to have really strong heads, powerful shoulders, and a tight rear-end.

A Bulldog can’t swim.  Their bodies are too heavy and their legs are too short for them to swim.

Even though Bulldogs are loveable today, past history tells another story.  Ancient Bulldogs were so fierce that they were banned on the streets of Rome.  In 13th century England, the breed earned its namesake by bringing down bulls.  Bull baiting was outlawed in 1835 and the breed nearly went extinct but a group of Bulldog admirers rescued the breed.

The English Bulldog is the national dog of England.  During World War II bullies were referred to as the Churchill Dog because they exemplified the courage and strength of England.  Funny thing though, Churchill owned Poodles, not Bulldogs!

Bulldogs have a lot of power behind them.  Because of this power, if they want something they will knock you out of the way to get to what they want.

Bulldogs have a protruding under jaw that sticks out and shows their teeth.  They have loose, wrinkley skin that actually helps the Bulldog if they get in a fight.  If it was gripped by an enemy, the Bulldog still could move around.  The face wrinkles help draw blood away from the eyes if the he gets in a fight.  The Bulldog has wide shoulders and a wide head thus giving this dog its stocky look.

The English Bulldog does not do well in the heat.  As far as training goes, they aren’t the easiest dogs to train.  They want to do things their way and they have the muscle and power to do just that.  Grooming should be done daily.  All of those wrinkles on their face make grooming a chore and all of those folds need to be cleaned.  The folds are where moisture can collect and when this happens a skin infection can occur.

The English Bulldog is one of the least healthy of all of the dog breeds.  They get many congenital or heredity diseases and they can get heart diseases and orthopedic diseases.  Unfortunately, they have a short life span.

Bulldogs are often unable to give birth without being assisted by a vet.  Bulldog puppies don’t pass through the birth canal easily and therefore are welped via cesarian section.

The Bulldog’s head and nose are pushed back and most Bulldogs have very small nostrils thus causing the snorting sounds.  They slobber a lot and they smell.

They make good apartment dogs and they love to be with people and they do well with children.  They are a very loving dog!

The different Bulldog breeds are:

English Bulldog

American Bulldog


American Pit Bull Terrier

Olde English Bulldogge

French Bulldog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Valley Bulldog

American Staffordshire Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Boston Terrier

Bull Mastiff

Banter Bulldogge

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