4 Tips to Buying Your First Pure Breed Dog

what type of dog you decide on purchasing as your first dog, it is a life-changing decision. You may choose to purchase a pure breed dog, because these dogs tend to come from a strong line with predictable personalities to match your needs. Although not all dogs can be predictable, often times, dogs of mixed breeds may have unexpected behaviors or personalities, and no medical history.

When you have chosen to purchase a pure breed dog, you obviously are financially ready and have made your home adaptable for your new pet. Most times, when people pay a lot for a dog, they are more likely to have prepared themselves to be a dog owner and understand the long-term commitment. There are several steps that you want to ensure you take when purchasing a pure breed dog that needs to be well-cared for its full life with you and your family.

Know Your Breed

Knowing the general persona of the type of dog you are wanting will allow you to easier determine if it will be a nice match for your family. Whether you want a playful dog for your children that will be friendly with other neighborhood children, or a watch dog to guard your house, putting time into studying the design of the different breeds of dogs is important before making a purchase.

In addition, when you know the history of your dog’s breed line, you can ensure that it most likely does not carry any genes for pre-illnesses. Although some breeds are pre-destined to suffer certain dog diseases, a clear history of your pure breed dog can give you a little reassurance of unexpected life-threatening illnesses.

Visit Breeder’s Home

The only sure way to know that the breeder you are buying your dog from is legitimate is to ask to visit their home. If they take great care of their pure breed dogs, they will not object to this request and welcome you to check out the parents of your new dog before making your final decision.

Taking note of how well-groomed and fed the parents of your new dog are, and the cleanliness of their living area, will give you a better idea of how much care has been taken in raising your new dog. This will also give you an idea of your dog’s personality, as many dogs within the same breed can be different. If you notice an unsanitary environment for the dogs, this may not be the breeder you want to do business with.

Ensure Dog has Papers

All pure breed dogs will have AKC registered papers. Ask the dog breeder to see the registered papers for the parents of the dog you plan on purchasing. This will ensure that your dog is from the correct breed line you are looking for. After all, once you have your heart set on a particular breed of dog that is all you will want.

Your new dog will also need papers. Many breeders will already have these papers completed for you. You will just need to complete your section and send to the AKC for complete registration of your dog.

Get Your Dog Micro-chipped

Once you have purchased your pure breed dog and completed its registration papers, ensure that you make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your dog micro-chipped. This will ensure that if your dog is ever lost, it can easily be returned to you; granted an honest person finds your dog.

Although this is not guaranteed protection, there are still honest people in this world that love animals enough to return them to their proper owners. A micro-chip makes it easy for any veterinarian to determine the dog’s owner and have it returned to its loving family.

The joy that a dog brings is indescribable. It’s amazing how it becomes a part of the family almost immediately. Many new owners love their new dogs so much, that they have bumper stickers related to their dog, pictures of their dogs made on T-shirts, or even have cute dog checks made to show the world how much they love their dog! These are great ways to show your love, but the most important way is to spend time loving your new dog with your unconditional love.

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