Big Dogs vs. Small Dogs: Which One is Best for You?

Big Dogs vs. Small Dogs: Which One is Best for You?

If you’ve made the decision to get a puppy, then you need to make sure you get the best possible breed to suit your lifestyle and family. When it comes to deciding on the size of your dog, you need to assess how much room you really have for them. Both big dogs and small dogs have different personalities, so you need to consider this carefully. Read on for some help:

You should never base the dog you buy on the puppy you like the look of best. All puppies are adorable, but you need to bear in mind what they will grow up to be like before making a final decision. It won’t be long before your puppy has grown to it’s full size, so you need to think very carefully. You might even be better off waiting until you’ve moved into a bigger space, otherwise your living area could get too cramped.

Small dogs include breeds such as the Pug, French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Jack Russel, Beagle, and Poodle. There are other small dogs out there too. They remain fairly small and won’t need much space inside your home. They do require regular exercise though, so make sure you’re giving them at least one good walk a day.

Medium to large sized dogs usually need a larger space, but certain breeds can be happy in smaller spaces. For example, the Greyhound is happy to simply lounge around the house. You’ll still need to give them that one good work out per day though.

All dogs have different personalities, so you need to research these before getting a specific breed. It isn’t just about big or small; it’s about the characteristics they’re born with too. Some are playful; some are good with children, some are very laid back. There’s a lot to think about when selecting your dog breed!

If you go for a small dog, you need to make sure that there’s no chance they will be stepped on or mishandled in any way. This can cause them pain and injury, and they’re only delicate little things. They can also be sensitive to cooler climates, so you must keep them warm. Regardless of size, you’ll need to train your dog properly with the guidance of someone like Cesar Millan, for example. If you fail to train your dog, you might find that they develop a bit of an attitude and act like the leader of the pack.

Bigger dogs need more space to move in your house. If they have long tails, make sure they have enough wagging space. You’ll also need to be prepared to have large dog beds in the house to keep them comfortable. It may also be more expensive to buy things like food and supplies.

The amount of physical maintenance you have to perform, and the energy of your dog will vary. That’s why it’s very important you do thorough research to determine which will suit you best.

Which size dog will you get: big or small? Remember, there are medium sized dogs to choose from too!

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