Scout here…

Two dogs live in the yard behind ours.  One is a big dog…we think it’s a Golden Retriever and the other one is a little yappy dog.  We haven’t figured out what kind of dog it is, but we do know that it likes to bark! 

Diesel is quite intrigued with these two dogs.  He spends most of the day trying to look at them through the hole in the fence.

When Diesel was here last week, he spent so much time trying to get his nose through the hole that he cut up his chin.  Mommy felt so bad for him because his chin was bleeding.  I have never seen a dog so intrigued with seeing other dogs that he stands at the fence all day long with his nose in the hole! 

The first picture is a picture of Diesel’s hole, as we call it!

Knot Hole that Dog Looks Through


This second picture is of Diesel looking through the hole.  Silly guy anyway! 

Dog Looking Through Knot Hole


He looks pretty intense, doesn’t he!

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