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Why is my puppy refusing to eat?


Puppies normally have healthy and robust appetites. They explore the world with their nose, ears, and sometimes, much to a new pet owner’s chagrin, their mouths. Puppies like to taste the grossest things imaginable — slugs, dirt, poop, garbage. It can be a shock when a normally ravenous puppy refuses to eat the meal you thoughtfully prepared

Why is my puppy refusing to eat?2020-09-24T13:31:17-07:00

Why do dogs get upset stomachs?


Everybody pukes. Even dogs. Most dog owners have been woken up to the sound of their dog throwing up and have had to clean up a pile of vomit while half asleep. It’s worse — so much worse — than when a dog throws up in the middle of the day. “Occasionally, healthy dogs will

Why do dogs get upset stomachs?2020-09-23T14:44:02-07:00
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