Chevromist Kennels Lists Top Reasons Why Having A Puppy Helps Parents Raise Healthier, Happier Kids


It’s easy to see that dogs and kids go well together. In fact, puppies and babies together is the default combo for cuteness. Pet photographers know that they can always count on the following money shots: baby and puppy sleeping, playing, running around, in costume, blowing bubbles, sharing an ice cream cone, cuddling and giggling and doing all sorts of adorable poses.

But professional dog breeders at Chevromist Kennels say upping the cuteness level in your household isn’t the only reason why you should get a pup for your kids. In fact, it’s not picture-perfect moments all the time – having a pet takes a lot of work, energy and patience. Moreover, it requires a consistent and significant budget for pet food, supplies and health needs. It’s a huge responsibility, but experts agree that the investments are all worth it. Science has proven that having a furry playmate in your household can actually help improve the health, wellness and mood of your family.

Chevromist lists the following more reasons why adopting a pup can be a good thing for the health and development of your kids.

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Kids with dogs are less vulnerable to diseases and infections. Experts believe that being exposed to “germs” from animals can boost the immune system of children. Medical journal Pediatrics published a study confirming that babies in households with pet dogs suffer less from ear infections and get sick less than infants living in dog-less homes.

Kids with dogs enjoy the outdoors more often. Want your kids to spend more time away from the (TV, computer, smartphone, gaming) screen? Go get them a puppy. Studies show that kids actually spend 18 or more hours a day playing outside than kids without pets. And why not? Running around, exploring new things, discovering the sights, sounds and experiences of the great outdoors are definitely more fun when you’re with a furry partner by your side.

Kids with dogs are more chill. Parenting a hyperactive kid? A dog may help her calm down or release some of the excess energy she has everyday. While it may seem that romping and frolicking and rough play are inevitable when you put a kid and puppy together, indulging in these physical activities is actually a great way to balance the energy and stress levels of the household. Doctors agree that regular play times with dogs help lower blood pressure and can relieve anxiety and low moods.

Children with pets appear more confident, relaxed and happier – plus, they require fewer visits to the doctor because of illness or disease. Think about getting a pup for them and invest in their total health and wellness.

About the author: Sam Buddy is a pet owner and a father. He benefited a lot from taking care of dogs since it greatly helped his children to grow into happy, healthy children. He visits site like to help him properly care for his pets.

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