We made it through the night with the new puppy!  Mommy and daddy put him in his crate when it was time to go to bed and oh dog, he did not like the crate!  He cried and howled for a good 30 minutes before he fell asleep.  He slept until about 1:00 am, when he started howling and crying again so mommy got up and took him outside to potty.  He didn’t want to go out in the cold and tried to potty in the garage but Mommy got him outside just in time!  And then mommy did a no no 🙁   She put him in bed with her and daddy cause she was tired and she didn’t want to listen to him cry.  He fell asleep right away and slept until 8:00 this morning.  Hu bro isn’t happy with mommy, but like mommy says…if she is going to dog sit then you get what you get!  Mommy says she can spoil Diesel just like she is going to spoil her grandchildren if she ever has any!  And then, she can send them home to hu bro!  Ha, ha!

Diesel is adorable and he is getting along with the other dogs.  Teddy has been kind of shy but he has warmed up to him today.


Yep, they are spoiling me rotten!



I have new toys!



I think I’m a big dog just like them!


Labrador Retriever Mix

Please don’t take my picture mom!




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