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Why Is My Dog Shaking?


That vibration under your chair might not be an earthquake. It might be your dog, hiding and shaking. Environmental and health stressors can cause your dog to tremble uncontrollably. Excitement, illness and even the temperature of your home may cause your dog to shake. Some of the reasons for shaking are easier to address than others.

Why Is My Dog Shaking?2020-07-31T16:43:27-07:00

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?


What makes chocolate so dangerous for dogs? Chocolate — it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like it. But this is one of the most toxic foods your dog can eat. Nearly every pet owner has a horror story about their dog hoovering a chocolate bunny at Easter, or getting into a chocolate cake during

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?2020-07-28T11:27:32-07:00

Why Do Dogs Lick You?


What does it mean when your dog licks you? Some dog owners love nothing more than a faceful of wet, doggie kisses. Others, not so much. Doggie breath isn’t always welcome.  Dogs learn licking from their mothers. This is how mothers get newborn pups to breathe after birth, and how mama cleans them. For dogs,

Why Do Dogs Lick You?2020-07-31T16:43:15-07:00

What Fruit is Bad for Dogs?


Fruit — Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat? Your furry friend may adore chomping a bite out of your ice cream cone or sharing your watermelon slice, but not all fruit is a healthy choice for dogs, even if they’re perfectly safe for humans. Dogs are carnivores. Fruit isn’t necessary for a healthy pet.

What Fruit is Bad for Dogs?2020-07-28T10:30:11-07:00

What Can Dogs Not Eat?


Never Feed Your Dogs These Human Foods Dogs don’t need human food to survive. Our domesticated dogs are fundamentally carnivores, although they do enjoy plant based food, as anyone with a dog that devours grass can attest. There are thousands of Instagram videos of dogs enjoying bananas, broccoli or spaghetti noodles, and just as many

What Can Dogs Not Eat?2020-07-27T12:30:46-07:00

Trim Dog Nails Carefully and Provide Treats Along the Way


Few things will send a dog skittering in terror like the nail clippers. Even the most easy going dogs don’t love it, and trimming can be stressful for dogs and owners alike. Those nails are technically claws. They’re sharp. The best way to get a dog comfortable with a pawdicure is to start when they are

Trim Dog Nails Carefully and Provide Treats Along the Way2020-07-20T16:39:47-07:00

My Dog Seems Hungry — How Much Should I Be Feeding It?


Your Labrador Retriever stares longingly at the kitchen cupboard its food is stored in. Your Dachshund inhales its meal in seconds. Your German Shepherd devors any morsel that lands on the floor. It may seem like your dog is always pining for food but that doesn’t mean your dog needs to eat all the time, or

My Dog Seems Hungry — How Much Should I Be Feeding It?2020-07-20T15:55:02-07:00

How to Feed Your Small Breed Dog


Little dogs can have huge personalities and outsized appetites that can lead to them not getting the right nutrition.  The American Kennel Club has a long list of dogs considered small breeds — everything from  Norfolk Terriers to Chihuahuas or Pomeranians. They’re all adorable, pint sized friends. Tiny dogs are different then teacup dogs. Tiny or

How to Feed Your Small Breed Dog2020-07-20T15:34:06-07:00
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