Mommy was really excited when she got an email from VetIQ asking her to try out some of their products. She was excited because we have already tried their Minties Fresh Breath Chews that mommy bought at the store one day! Because we liked the Minties Fresh Breath Chews so much, mommy knew we would like their Minties Dental Treats and their Skin & Coat Chews also!

They were very yummy and healthy too!  We’re going to start off by telling you about the Minties Dental Treats.


Brush Your Dog's Teeth With Minties

Minties Dental Treats do the following:

  • Help maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • Help freshen breath
  • Help remove plaque and tartar
  • Digested easily

Plaque and tartar are removed from your dog’s teeth by the mechanical action of chewing the bone and they help freshen your dog’s breath because they have five natural breath fresheners.  These natural fresheners include alfalfa, parsley, fennel, dill and peppermint.

Minties are made from natural ingredients and they don’t contain wheat, soy, corn or artificial flavors or animal by-products.  They also don’t have any added sugars or salts and they are GLUTEN FREE.

We thought these Minties were delicious and we chewed them up quite fast.  Take a look!

Brush Your Dog's Teeth with Minties

Brush Your Dogs Teeth with Minties

Brush Your Dog's Teeth with Minties

VetIQ was also nice enough to send us some other treats!  Mommy got to pick the treats she wanted so she picked the Skin & Coat treats.  She was going to give them to Ash but decided instead to give them to me because my coat is a little dryer than usual.  She thought they might help my beautiful white fur perk up a little bit!  I really like these treats and if they are good for me, that’s even better!

These treats provide complete skin and coat health for your dog.  Each one of the chews contain omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, biotin, and antioxidants to help soften and protect from oxidative damage and the chews leave the coat smooth and shiny.  The omega-3 also supports your dog’s heart and brain health.  These chews don’t contain wheat and one more great thing about them…they help manage normal shedding!  I really like these chews.  They are yummy too!

Omega-3 Dog Chews
 You can find out more about VetIQ’s products here!

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