Diesel came to stay with us last week and seeing how he is still a puppy, he is into a lot of puppy mischief!  One afternoon, Mommy was getting ready to go run some errands and she was going to put Diesel in the crate.  The crate is in mommy and daddy’s bedroom.  Diesel lost all privileges of staying outside with us big dogs when mommy and daddy aren’t home because he tore up what was left of the couch that Phe had started working on. 

Mommy was trying to get Diesel in his crate but there was no way he was going to go in.  She decided to get some treats so she could coax him into the crate.  Mommy left the bedroom and started walking down the tiled hallway when all of a sudden her feet went out from underneath her and she fell flat on her back!

Mommy fell in dog potty
Mommy isn’t clumsy at all and while she was there on the floor she was asking herself, “What the heck?”  when she started feeling some wet stuff soaking into her jeans.  Have you guessed what happened yet?  For some reason, Diesel pottied all the way down the hallway and mommy slipped and fell in it.  It was like Diesel was running down the hallway and all the while, he was pottying.  What dog does that?  I mean, like most boy dogs have to stop and lift their leg but not Diesel!  He just runs and his little wee wee potties!

Plott Hound Puppy
Mommy got up and cleaned herself up but her left wrist was swollen and she still has a sore neck.  Guess she was lucky she didn’t hit her head on the floor because she fell pretty hard.  Mommy finally got Diesel in his crate so she could run errands and mop the floor.  Silly Diesel!


Innocent til proven guilty

I’m innocent! What do you humans say…innocent until proven guilty!



Puppy sleeping

I’m just going to take a nap while you figure it out!


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