Mommy was searching for a large dog bed when she had a thought…are small dog beds a lot cuter than large dog beds?  She was going to post about large dog beds since that is what us dogs need, but then she decided she would write about small dog beds; just because she thought there are some really cute ones out there!  Not only are there some really cute ones, but there are some really comfy ones too!  If your little furry friend is in the market for a dog bed, you should check some of these out!  Oh…and just a thought, not all of these beds are for small dogs!  Some of them are also medium, large and extra large so if you like one but your dog isn’t a small dog, be sure to check to see if it comes in larger sizes.

There are some great buys on Amazon and at mommy’s Dogs N Pawz Pet Store.  So go ahead and check out these cute dog beds!

1.  Soft Plush Leopard Pet Bed

Small Dog Beds

If your dog is a little princess, then this is the bed for her!  Just look at how cute and it’s comfy too!  This little bed has a removable pillow that makes cleaning easy!  The pillow is reversible so if you get tired of the leopard print, you can turn it over and have a solid color of pink!  The bed is made of an ultra plush poly/cotton suede-like fabric.  It is great for smaller dogs and measures 16 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 55 inches tall.  Oh…and did I mention that it is machine washable?

2.  Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Small Dog Bed

Doesn’t this little bed look cozy?  It has an innovative design that provides maximum comfort and support for your pup.  This bed is great for older dogs and cats that have aches and pains.  It is made out of Sherpa fabric that is ultra soft and cozy and is safe to machine wash and dry.  It is soft, deep and cuddly which makes it perfect for your pup!  This bed is perfect for dogs and cats that weigh up to 25 pounds.  It comes in six different colors:  beige, black, brown, fuchsia, pink and teal; so surely you can find one that your pup will like!

3.  P.L.A.Y. Snuggle Bed

Small Dog Beds

This bed is great for dogs that love to burrow!  It can be made into four different shapes:  flat, cave, cup or pod; which will let it conform to your pet’s lifestyle!  This bed has dirt-resistant canvas on one side and a luxurious faux fur on the other side.  It will offer your pup a heavenly retreat and couldn’t be more comfortable for him.  When it gets dirty, just pop it into the washing machine and dry it in the dryer!  This bed is perfect for dogs up to 12 pounds and measures 16 inches by 18 inches.  The cup diameter measures 13 inches.  You can also purchase this bed in a large size which is ideal for dogs that weigh up to 30 pounds.

4.  K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper

Small Dog Bed

This bed sits on top of 3 inches of medical grade orthopedic foam…great for any dog!  It’s bolster is filled with premium polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles.  The surface is soft, made from an upholstery grade velvet.  The surface that your pup would sleep on is covered with a super-soft microfleece.  If Fido is looking for a luxurious bed, this bed is it!  It is luxury from top to bottom.  The cover and liners are easy to remove and can be tossed in the washing machine.  This bed comes in two colors:  brown velvet and gray.  And it comes in three sizes:  Small – 13″ X 12″, Medium – 20″ X 20″, and Large – 29″ X 28″.

5. Sofa Bed For Small Dogs

Small Dog Beds

Your dog will love this sofa bed from Enchanted Home.  He will feel right at home on it!  It has a full loft cushion with a removable cushion cover that is washable.  It also has storage for toys and bones.  The bed is elevated and therefore has draft free sleeping for your precious pooch.  It is Ultra Plush and comes in two different colors:  Pink or Black and White.  It is the perfect little sofa bed for your pup!

6.  Princess Dog Bed

Small Dog Bed
OMG!  Just look at this bed!  Very pretty bed for your precious pup!  It is comfortable and soft and is filled with quality pp cotton.  It comes in two sizes:  Small – 20″ X 14″ and Medium – 25″ X 18″.  What a perfect bed for your little diva dog!

7.  Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

Small Dog Bed

If your dog is a snuggler, then you should check out this cozy cave dog bed!  This cave style nesting pet bed is perfect for all those pooches that like to burrow.  It has Sherpa lining that will keep your pup warm in the winter and cool in the summer and it has a luxury microsuede cover that is removable and is both washable and dryable.  It comes in many colors so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that will fit with your home’s decor!  The small bed will fit dogs up to 25 pounds.

8.  P.L.A.Y. Lounge Bed

Small Dog Beds

This fun giraffe print is perfect for your dog!  It has elevated sides that make an ideal resting place for your dog’s head.  This bed is the ultimate pooch retreat with ultra-soft velvet material that makes it extra comfy!  The inner cushion and exterior can be flipped allowing you to have four different looks in one bed.  It is also machine washable and dryer friendly.  This bed comes in 2 colors:  Brown or Black Giraffe.  It also comes in S, M, L, XL.  What a fun bed for your furry friend!

These were only a few of the cool dog beds we found!  There were others like the shark bed, the Merry Pet Wood Room with a View Pet House, the K7H Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper, the Abyss Pets 2-in-1 convertible Pet-Bed & House, and we could go on and on!  While some of the beds we mentioned are only for small dogs, many of them are also made for larger dogs.

Does your dog have a favorite bed?  We would like to know what it is, because mom is trying to find one for us.  Teddy has chewed our bed all up and we need a new one!  Mommy was shopping for us, and kind of got distracted.  Somebody needs to remind mommy that us big dogs can’t fit in a bed made for a small dog:(  We realize that some of them are a lot cuter than the one’s for big dogs, but come on mommy….get back on task!

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