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Pit Bulls have had something of a negative press in recent times, but as any pit bull owner will attest, they are naturally beautiful animals.  What is more, if they are raised in a loving environment they are loyal to their owners.  It seems that the owners of Pit Bull dogs are the problem, not the dog itself.  So, if you are considering purchasing a Pit Bull puppy, then you are more than likely desperate to know how to train your dog correctly to ensure that you give your dog a happy and loving home.  This guide will provide a great starting point for anyone wanting to train their Pit Bull:

Dog Training

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Exercise is Critical:

As you are aware, your Pit Bull is a large dog and as such, they will need a lot of exercise to ensure that they live to their full potential.  Similarly, such a large breed dog will need regular exercise so that they behave properly.  Dogs, much like children, are notorious for misbehaving when they are bored.  By frequently exercising your hound, you are ensuring that they are mentally and physically exercised.

For a breed of dog as large as a Pit Bull, you will need to exercise them for roughly two hours per day.  A Pit Bull is a big commitment.  However, an exercised dog is a happy dog.

Disciplining Your Pit Bull:

Discipline is important to your dog so ensure that you implement a regime from puppyhood to make sure that your dog grows up to be well-balanced and well-behaved.

Give your dog a simple command:

  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Fetch
  • Walk
  • Stay

When he or she follows your orders, you can then positively reinforce this behavior with a treat.  Do not use negative reinforcement with your puppy pal, this will only serve to make your dog aggressive

Be consistent with positive reinforcement.  Ensure that you praise, cuddle or give your dog a treat every time he responds to a command during training.  What is more, ensure that you are firm with your Pit Bull.  Don’t give into those puppy dog eyes!  Click here for more information on how to train a Pit Bull puppy.

Establishing Dominance:

Pit Bull puppies need to know who the alpha male is within their home.  Ensure that you only have one person conducting training so that your puppy is not confused.  Make sure that your puppy follows you into your home, not vice versa (thus ensuring your place as the alpha male).  You need to establish what rooms your dog can and cannot go into and be consistent.  If your dog does disobey you, it is imperative that you deal with it immediately as dogs only have an attention span of roughly five seconds.

Stop the Biting:

Puppies are notorious for ‘nipping’.  While this can be seen to be playful, there are times when dogs will bite to be aggressive.  Should your puppy nip you, you need to pretend that it hurts and draw your arm away.  This will alert your puppy that something is wrong, thus prompting them to stop.  This will ensure that they do not do this into adulthood.

Your Pit Bull will be your best friend, should you perform a proper training routine while they are young.


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